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Journeyman III

Radeon R9 380X high usage when idle

Hello Team,

I am recently struggling with an issue with my Graphic card. The FPS on Overwatch have recently dropped significantly and the game is lagging. I suppose the issue can be related to an overwatch problem after the recent update, GPU failure or a bitcoin miner trojan (did multiple scans. could not find one).

My current setup:

core i5 4590

16GB 2400mhz ram

R9 380X Asus strixx

Samsung 256 GB SSD (pro version)

19.10.2 radeon software version (updated after noticing the issue as i thought it could be a driver problem. issue was present on older version)

When I start windows, the GPU usage in task manager is 1 to 2%. If I start a movie, youtube, etc the usage can go to 4-5%

However, when I start Overwatch, the GPU usage instantly goes up to 100% and ingame instead of the usual average 150fps (100fps lowest in big battles) i get around 50fps and lag. However, from the game's internal VRAM live monitoring i can see that the game is using a maximum of 500mb vram from the total 4GB dedicated memory. From performance monitor in Windows 10 task manager I can see 2.4GB/4.00GB and usage shows as 100%. The weirdest thing is that even after I quit the game, the vram usage in windows task manager is stuck at 1.9GB and will not go down and the usage for 1.9GB out of 4.00GB dedicated memory will appear as 100% as if this is all the memory the card has. The card peaks at 2.4gb and will not go use any more memory. Tried GPU burnout test where the same issue was present.  CPU and Ram work at normal values (max up to 60% in game)

My suspicions are:

1. I downloaded recently a game from a torrent tracker which might have had some malware/butcoin miner. However, my intivirus is always present and did not detect anything. I did full scan and could not find a problem.

2. GPU hardware issue (hopefully not!).

I would highly appreciate any advise for dealing with this issue. I can provider any logs or files necessary (if you could kindly guide me). Thank you in advance.

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