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Journeyman III

Radeon R9 290 component burnt out need help to find it

Hi I bought a asus Radeon R9 290 2 years ago and it was suddenly giving black screen so I checked the card for any burnt out component and I found one component (naming D500) was burnt out in the back of the card so could you please help me out by explaining   what component is that and it's value or it's alternate component name, to use instead of this. And I have attached some photos of the component. I hope you will help me out with the relevant answer. Thank you in advance.

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colesdav​ might be the best User to help you with your problem. He is a Technician and has repaired his own GPU cards.

According to Wikipedia, the "D" seems to indicate a DIODE burnt out: Reference designator - Wikipedia

If you can find another damaged or bad GPU card with the same D500 designation you can cannibalize the part and solder it onto your GPU card. But you need to find out why that particular DIODE shorted out. It is possible you replace it and as soon as you turn power back on it will short out again. Then again it just might be a bad Diode.

Doesn't your GPU card have a Warranty from Asus? I believe Asus has a three year Warranty on their GPU cards.


elstaci Thanks for the mention.
delmdosh I will try to help you out based on my experience with this post: Request for help to identify a component on an R9 Fury X please.
You might want to read that post first.
I fixed that card and it is performing well so far, giving me good 3D Mark Scores here: AMD Red Team 3DMark Scoreboard
I still need a replacement R9 Fury X fan for the card though.
I see you sent me a connection request.
Sure I can chat quickly with you about my experience with trying to get help from card manufacturers etc.
You should check your Asus Warranty first before doing anything, but that may be too late since you already took the GPU to bits.
Asus Warranty will likely tell you any Warranty you had is now null and void.
(Before anyone starts talking about "U.S.A. Right to repair" and removal of Warranty Stickers etc ... please don't go there I am talking about real life).
I looked at your pictures and the blown component looks like it is near the VRM on the GPU.

Once you find and replace that one component, you should really take time and clean the board and maybe run a solder reflow on the GPU.
Some information on that here:
That GPU is was also fixed and I was running it running for months.
You can see it running Overwatch after repaired here: Overwatch Windows 7 64bit Adrenalin 18.4.1 HD7970 6G and R9 280x 3G in Crossfire. - YouTube
I stripped it down again recently just to replace the thermal pads on the VRM's as they needed replacing last time I stripped the GPU down but I didn't have any at the time of the original repair. I managed to find some good thermal pads so I decided to replace them. But that GPU is still O.K.
There is a picture of some "Hobby Hands" + Magnifying Glass that will be needed to help tou solder that blown component back onto the board.

Let's see if you can get it up and running by fixing the blown component first. It might be a protection diode on the VRM in which case that could indicate other problems such as a VRM blown inductor and/or mosfet.

Fingers crossed you might get your GPU running again.


thank you elstaci​ and colesdav​ for your explanations was really helpful and looking forward on more information.

oncemore thank you so much