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Journeyman III

Radeon M5 R330 experiencing major lag stutters

   Hi, so I've been experiencing this issue for awhile now and I came here to hopefully solve my problem. The problem I'm having is when I boot up games with my AMD GPU, the game tends to stutter heavily to the point where it's pretty much unplayable. I first found across this problem around mid-late last year after I updated my AMD driver software. I noticed that after awhile I opened up the game, the game had some serious fps improvements, yet after awhile, it became so laggy that it was unbearable. I think that for the majority of my time using this laptop, I've only used the integrated Intel GPU, and it only had just switched to the AMD GPU when I updated.

   Since then, I have tried to solve this issue by myself. I installed different versions of drivers and all but the result is still the same, my games just lag a ton.
For my specs :
-CPU : Intel i7-5500U @ 2.40Hz

-GPU : AMD Radeon M330 / Intel HD Graphics 5500
-Win10 64

A help would be nice .

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