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Journeyman III

Radeon 7600m unpredictable black screen crash at windows and linux

Since some months im facing random black screen crashes 

OS tested

Windows 8.1 and 10

Linux Fedora and Debian

It doesn't matter what i do, once i install the catalyst drivers for windows or the amd firmware at linux is matter of time for the screen to go black and system crashes

Already tryed doing a clean driver install, also a clean OS install

For windows the latest driver i can use is crimson 16.2 no other later version nor adrenaline if i try to install any version upper than 16.2 it says that it can't find my gpu

I took a look at aida64 wich showed me that opencl is managed by my cpu and not by my gpu, how can that even be posible if the cpu is an Intel

I have a toshiba L845 sp4105la

with i7 3236QM

this only happens when the notebook is plugged to the charger

I tested on battery and it doesn't crash

my question is what can i do to solve this cause i don't have money for service or for replacements and if the black screen crashes don't appear running in battery means that there must be a way to setup at least for linux distro the kernel settings to use the same specs that it uses running on battery 

I also got a BUG  wich i have collected from fedora log, here is

BUG: unable to handle page fault for address ffffbba6c0d22ffc [radeon]

I know that is only related to fedora os but mayb can be handy as info or else 


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