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Journeyman III

Radeon 5700 XT problem

Hey everyone!

I have an issue with my 5700 XT. It was working fine and 12 hours ago i did windows update when i was switching off PC. Now i started it and as soon as windows loads, GPU switches off the fans, max resolution dropped to 1280x1024 and etc. In device manager still shows 5700 XT and says its working fine.

I tried to reinstall drivers, full clean reinstall, did full clean in safe mode and installed from scratch, tried other driver versions. Same result. If i uninstall drivers and start windows, the GPU is working and fans are spinning. As soon as i install the driver, it stops.

I tried to check if windows update corrupted any files with DISM tool and sfc /scannow. Corrupted files were repaired. I tried the steps with GPU above and still same thing.

What could be causing this issue?

All other computer components work fine, PSU works fine.

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