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Adept I

#Radeon 540 Throttling

Hi,My name is Jenis Sanghani.

I also have Lenovo 330S-15IKB D(81F5).I Couldn`t Finding Proper Solluion right Now.My

Graphics Card Support PCIe 3.0 x8 Bus While it running x4 so maybe little Frame drop but Major Problem with Graphics Card is that its Max Core Clock is 1046mhz but it always stuck @551Mhz.

Can u Please Provide How to take backup and reflash BIOS.

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Adept I

Is there a solution to this problem?


I found a solution and that is,

INSTALL Afterburner from msi website and disable ulps(Ultra low power saving mod) because gpu is too pover to know that are u running game video or music or software so it always get stuck on half core clock.

Please always check Afterburner rules because it's unsafe than regular usage.

PS. From india. If u get any better sollution than this please Reply.


My GPU core clock does not exceed 575 MHz. I don't have a warming problem, but when I use 100% GPU in games, my core clock speed decreases. It runs at low speed as understood in the FurMark test. My RX Vega graphics card can go up to 1200MHz, but Radeon 540 does not exceed 575MHz. If I lower the setting in games, Radeon 540 will use up to 1046MHz.



RadeonMod Download v1.0.14 

Download this and goto tweak tab and check already ticked option UVD Clock Fix On then just restart driver by press below button.

I am doing all this because that my primary Game GPU and Other one is INTEL UHD 620 integrated with core i5 8250u.

P.S. Temp Solution.If u find other ping here or just give me your other social media link

This can fix all thing and u don't need MSI.

Journeyman III

did u solve this issue? mine is stuck at 214Mhz after 15min of playing valorant, initially it performs very well with around 1000Mhz but drops to 214Mhz eventually. thing is temperature intiallly goes around 75 and then drops to 50 when its under 214Mhz

heres the things i have tried:

-reinstalling drivers via amd software

-turning ulps off 

-playing in low settings

-reseting windows