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Adept I

Rad 6600Xt 21.10.1 driver is poor in BF2042 (and lower quality in other BF games)

Upgraded to this version from 8.2, because it said it supports the BF2042 Beta. It a very poor driver, lower quality\ FPS and the Radeon software doesn't recognise I'm playing 2042, so the no recommendations in the Advisor. Step backwards in BF5 with lower quality, although the Radeon at least recognises I'm playing BF5.

It does eliminate most flickering, but NOT ALL.

Guys, this needs sorting otherwise after 15 years of only using AMD graphic cards I'm going to Nvidia- I will drop this 6600XT in the bin if it isn't sorted soon, sorry but this is how I feel.

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You are playing a BETA game,

And the threats are so childish,go Nvidia,bye.

Now that we got past that


information required before we post a question 


It's probably not the driver, but the Beta game you are playing..

It's in beta for testing, to iron out problems like the one you have!

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