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Journeyman III

R9 280X Causing Browser Issues

Hello, I upgraded my PC in November of last year from a:

Old System Spec

AMD FX 8320

R9 280X


New System

AMD Ryzen 7 1700x

R9 280X

16GB Vengeance Ram DDR4


So my old system was appearing to bottleneck my system. (Games, since the CPU upgrade have seen an 20-40 FPS improvement). The initial idea was to upgrade my rig, future proof it, and in early 2018, upgrade the GPU to a RX Series. However due to the inflation of prices that's never happened. And I won't be able to upgrade for a while, but I'm concerned for the health of my GPU, it's will 6 years old this year. And, in recent times my web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Opera) have all been lagging in Facebook, not loading pages despite have a sufficient connection, videos have been crashing, and the player draws a green square (sometimes it glitches, and shows a part of the browser in the video player). The ITV Player spat this error out pipeline_error_read: ffmpegdemuxer: data source error (error code 2).

I have since, formatted my PC twice, installed my OS onto a new SSD that I recently invested in, installed new drivers twice. And nothing worked, since I have had this problem on several iterations of my rig, I put it down to one of the three software that I always install, Cinema4D, Adobe CC Packages and Microsoft 365. Up until I installed Adobe, everything was fine. I couldn't get a diagnoses from Adobe mainly because it's my schools, I was able to use their forum however, and I spoke to some of my friends and we all agreed it has to be the drivers conflicting in someway, or the GPU is damaged.

This reddit thread accurately describes my issue:

On the left is Facebook when it runs into the glitch, it happens regardless of the program.

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