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Adept I

r9 270 GPU fan either 0rpm or 4200

AMD Radeon r9 270
GPU fan acts like it has only two options - 0RPM and ~4200RPM. Right up to 90C temperature it doesn't work at all, and as soon as it reaches 90 it starts spinning an 4200RPM, then around 80 it again stops completely.

In Global OverDrive fan speed is set to auto and it shows normal behaviour (speed varies according to tempretatures - right now for example it shows 20% fan speed for 40C, but the fan itself doesnt spin) - when controling it manually it again acts like it has only 2 options - up to 80% speed it doesn't work at all, and as soon as i set it to 85 and higher, it spins at ~4200RPM
All other(other than fan speed when i set it manually) settings everywhere in 'AMD Settings' are default

I never used any 3rd party software that controls something like this, i only use CPUID HWMonitor to check the temperatures.

There is also nothing wrong physically with the fan, i removed it, cleaned it and lubed just in case(tho it moved perfectly fine as it was)

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Something is not working. Do you have AMD Wattman activated? that is what is used to control AMD GPU Cards fans. Install or activate AMD Wattman and then configure the GPU fans.

I don't have Wattman installed but someone like kingfish​ or someone else can show you how to properly configure Wattman to run your GPU fans correctly.

Please post a picture of your Wattman settings like below. Please read How do I set a custom fan curve? MSI doesn't seem to work anymore.


This is how it looks for me. Version is 18.2.1 so it should be here right?


Put your Power Control to +20

Put your fan speed to 80%

Put your computer power plan to high performance


No, a regular desktop.
I don't have the "target temperature" setting, and power setting didn't change anything


Put your Power Control to +20

Put your fan speed to 80%

Put your computer power plan to high performance


Nope, the same exact behavior. Only now it reached 98C and i had to switch the fan to 85% bacause it didn't work at all on 80


So i just figured something out: it's only working normally when the CPU (i5 4440) also reaches certain load\temperature. It looks like some kind of 0db feature that i shouldn't even have(afaik). Any ideas on where can i check to try find it and turn it off?


I am seeing this exact same issue with the exact same card. R9 270, is there any solution yet? is this a sw issue?

using windows 10 and i have sw driver package 18.12.3

when fan is set to auto, its either on full speed or off, and its only on when gpu reached 90C, and shuts off as soon as it goes down to around 80C..

manual setting is the same way, goes on when i bring ti way up, and if i lower the % below 80 or so, it shuts off..

fan at 100%  brings temp to ~30C


I finally decided to buy a new gpu fan for $15 and try that, and it fixed the issue..  Now the auto fan speed control is working properly and the fan doesn't have to run at full speed just to spin..


Hello @scirdan, what fan did you purchase? I've discovered this exact problem with my R9 270 in my Dell XPS 8700.


Hi @KeithLa 

The one i purchased last year was on ebay.. i just checked and its not listed anymore but i am sure it is available..

This is the name of the item in my ebay purchase history, you should be able to find the same one somewhere:

Firstd FD7015H12S graphics card fan 12V 0.43A 6.5CM hole distance 3.9CM 2/4PIN

It also says i chose the 4 pin model, check your fan for the number of pins on the failed fan.

i did a quick search and found this:

Good luck!


Thanks @scirdan, I'll have a look. I'm a little puzzled that just changing the inexpensive fan can solve this problem, since it sounds more like an controller or firmware problem in setting the voltage output to the fan motor, but perhaps it's a fan motor failure itself.

That's exactly what I thought and why it took so long to buy what turned out to be a cheap and easy solution. I assume a good fan spins at an RPM ratio to the current provided, and the fans hardware can be defective such that it doesn't turn until it hits a certain current threshold, which is enough to spin it really fast.  Either way, I am glad I paid ~$15 and I didn't have to buy a new graphics card!


I wound up buying a newer adapter anyway, in order to get dual 4Kx60Hz over DisplayPort (since my old r9 270 card only supported one DisplayPort).

That said, I removed and did my best to blow dust out of the r9 270 fan, to no avail. I didn't go as far as trying to open it up to oil its bearings.

Journeyman III

This is happening to me as well with the same card (r9 270) on a desktop. I've tried all the settings above, 3rd party fan control software. I believe after a recent update this fan controller now only works at 0 or 100%. I've gone through several software updates since the problem and no fix yet. 


Currently at: Driver Packaging Version

Journeyman III

I have the exact same issue and have had it for a couple of years - did not dig in to figure it out because I'm not a gamer. Very annoying if streaming video or doing anything at all, really. 

My system: 

AMD Radeon(TM) HD R9 270 2GB G DDR5

4th Generation Intel(R) Core(T M) i7-4790 processor (8M Cache , up to 4.0 GHz)

24GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz (8GBx2 + 4GBx2)

Monitor: DELL S2740L (1920x1080@59Hz)

Current State:
ATI AMD Radeon (TM) R9 200 Series
Manufacturer ATI
Model AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
Device ID 1002-6811
Subvendor ATI (1002)
Current Performance Level Level 0
Current GPU Clock 300 MHz
Current Memory Clock 150 MHz
Current Shader Clock 150 MHz
Voltage 0.875 V
GPU Clock 925.0 MHz
Temperature 45 °C
Core Voltage 0.875 V
Driver version 26.20.15029.27017
BIOS Version 113-C6300500-102
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory 2048 MB
Bandwidth 179.2 GB/s

I can add to the descriptions above: 

If you set the fan speed manually with any tool (I only yesterday downloaded Afterburner and confirmed what I found with Radeon software):  at 83% fan speed manual mode set, no fan speed (if it is running, it is very low). At 84%, fan kicks on to 100%.  In fact, if I let it sit at 83% fan speed request for a long time, it might ramp (maybe for a different reason. This happened once.)  But if I set it to 84%, it goes 100%, and cools the card way down. If I then request 83%, it will keep running and oscillate a bit between full speed and something a bit lower (going by sound, because it isn't actually running at 83% or 84%, I don't think).  Request 82% and it is off. 

Normal use, it is kicking on with GPU temperature as described above - 80C or whatever is where it finally hits the 84% request or higher and fan starts screaming. The temperature climbs fast, of course, when the fan is not running. So it kicks on, runs a few seconds or 10, then kicks off. Very loud, very annoying. 

The latest Radeon software doesn't give me options for Wattman or changing curves or target temperatures, I don't believe.

I'm to the point of buying an NVIDIA card if I can't get an update. Which is crazy, as this card seems to be fine for what I do but I don't need to be murdered by my wife for loud fan noise.

Is there a fix for this? I've done all of the driver updates, etc. I've done things to keep it cooler - limited video ads running, etc.  But this should not be necessary. If the fan would kick on at intermediate speeds, it would not get hot doing what I am doing - not a gamer.  Could the fan/shaft be physically sticky? 



Exactly the same problem (including the likelihood of being murdered by my wife ).

Same behavior at exactly those fan speed settings (84% & up =  4100 RPM.   83% =  3950 RPM, And at 82% fan speed it drops to 200 RPM.



Seems like a very basic problem - like a transfer function scale problem or

something basic - right at the basic fan control. Not temperatures or


I don't want to buy a new GPU, but eventually I might as well.


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Honestly, I'd rather spend the money on a COVID haircut, more beer, and an

online class of some sort.


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