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Journeyman III

R7 M440 laptop gpu crashing on everything

I have a hp pavilion 15 laptop. i7 8th gen with integrated intel 620 graphics and separate r7 m440. So basically all functions of the laptop is fine but for gaming every game (valorant, witcher, Prototype, csgo wont load at all) crashes on startup. It either freezes or just entirely crashes. I have tried all the methods i could find on the internet. Clean reinstalling drivers with DDU to upto date ones. Used previous drivers ones said to be stable. And hell i even reinstalled fresh windows with a reset. But the problem still exists. And yes when i disable the amd gpu from device manager it runs well on the integrated one with no issue except for fps drops. really really helpless at this point some help would be life saving.

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Journeyman III

Same problem. all adobe softwares crashes, windows start screen blue screen error all the time. amd bug report team doesnt resolve. community msgs are not replied by amd team. seems like no one cares. im stuck with my dell laptop now for 1 week already, cant work. Couldnt find solution anywhere. Did you find any solution by now?