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Journeyman III

R series legacy suport list?

what great web site, thanks for doing all this ! (i read a 100 posts on topic, and get lost)
I fully release AMD/ATI can not speak for all card makers choices features. (but for sure thanks for trying!!)
A Pre-Purchase question, and know the pitfalls. I do.
The rumor that all "R" series cards, have no legacy Vbios, and are all UEFI only cards,and CMS will not work either.

what newest ATI GPU cards sold today will run on say a  2012 legacy PC,?
Want to run in legacy mode or CSM . intent,

MY System:a Dell optiplex 7010-MT
Will any R series, card run in legacy mode or CSM mode (above if legacy)
I do see rx380/480s some had a card legacy switch (most do not)
and the  Sapphire R9-290X Tri-X OC (not fan switch models) legacy Vbios switch on this.

I want only cards with the best support for both legacy and full UEFI. (for sure a switch is top dog here)

spec: PC:
win 10-64 now ,v1809 , runs solid now. (core i5 gpu engine)
 16GB ram. SSD +3TB HDD
600 watt psu DSP ( many larger in our kit)

an Intel  based Q77 chipset mobo, intel i5-3770
newest bios on motherboard. A20 .present. (
thanks for any hints !@
DVI or HDMI or DP monitors here.

seems like we need legacy list here, for PCs that are w10-64bti supported 100% and are 2012 era. 

a list of hope and try these, they may work list. so far

R380x, R480, Sapphire R9-290X Tri-X OC , R9-270? 

"I upgraded my 7010 MT my PowerColor R9 380 had just enough clearance against the RAM clips."

AMD Radeon R9 290 and 290X comes flashed with two separate BIOSed for testing.(switch)

 below $300 each, no there, but is on topic ("hybrid vbios switch")_

thanks for anyone with help or shared lists of cards that do this. (now)

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I don't know of any lists like that.

Yes some of those early cards had hard switches to go between bios and uefi. Today they just auto switch. Really for the most part new cards work fairly well on old boards. In many cases though it is trial and error. I would suggest buying your card from a place that is easy to return or exchange if things don't work. If it doesn't work make sure you are using the latest bios for your motherboard that often makes the big difference in old boards working with newer cards.

I should add that I have an R9 working just fine on an AM2 board that is older than that.  I have a HD 7950 series in a old core2 quad, on this one I did have to update the bios for the MB.