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Journeyman III

"No signal" after start up certain games


I have serious problem with some games. When I run them, screen turns black and monitor says "Cable not connected" and PC restarts. This happens for some games only. I have tried a lot of things to fix it but nothing worked. There's something that might be helpful: when I run Hitman 2 in windowed mode, it worked, game launched and when I set it to fullscreen it still worked. Same for Prison Architect. However games that doesn't allow changing settings before start up cause the issue.

Some games, like Red Ded Redemption 2, GTA IV and Witcher 3 work without any issue.

I'm using AMD RX560 4GB, I reinstaled drivers but problem still remains. Please help me

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Journeyman III

Situation update: So I've spent the whole day, trying to fix it and I run through many possibilites. However maybe I found where is the problem. When I completely removed AMD Adrenalin, I was able to run the games that I couldn't play before. I also noticed, that in windows settings, my monitor is set to 59Hz and when I changed it to 60Hz, black screen and "No-signal" message appeared - same like when starting games.

So this makes me think this: AMD Andrenalin somehow forces monitor to use 59Hz and when game tries to use 60Hz, PC breaks down.

I couldn't find a way to fix it so far. I think there might be some setting in AMD Adrenalin I haven't noticed.

Adept I

This is a very easy answer. The problem you are suffering is the problem that a lot of people have been suffering and AMD does not care: The Drivers. 

You case is more weird, because problems with black screens only appear with RX 5000 series. Not with previous. I have an RX 580 with 20.2.2 and it works well. Try it. If not, just go to drivers 19.12.1 and try. Use DDU to uninstall the current driver. Once it reboots, then install the 19.12.1.

good luck