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Adept I

Question about free sync

I have a Mac mini desktop. I have a 23" monitor. I want to get a 27" monitor. The Best Buy website has 27" monitors but they have free sync. If I understand free sync, the monitor requires an AMD video card in order to work. My mini has an Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB video chip. I assume that means that any monitors that have free sync won't work on my Mac mini. Am I right?

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Intel announced plans to support VESA Adaptive Sync back in 2015, but they haven't, as of Kaby Lake, added support for it, likely as a result of their license agreement at the time with nVidia, so no your Mac doesn't support Freesync.

Well, darn!

OK, I have a hypothetical situation. A person builds a Windows computer but chooses an Nvidia card (which has their own version, GSync). What happens if a FreeSync monitor is connected to a GSync video card & likewise, what happens if a GSync monitor is connected to a FreeSync video card?

G-Sync uses an additional proprietary (and very expensive) hardware module inside the monitor, whereas FreeSync is an implementation of the VESA standard of Adaptive Sync, the two are not compatible.

Although on a different note, a smart person figured out how to trick Freesync into working with an nVidia card, though it is complex and likely to be fixed in a driver release,37701.html

I did read on Google that FreeSync can be turned on or off, IF the monitor supports it. I've noticed that computer monitors less than 27" don't have FreeSync.

There's a bunch of 24" monitors that support freesync. Just looked on amazon, and found over ten 24" monitors with freesync.

I have a 23" monitor now. I want a bigger monitor, at least a 27". I have a Mac & unfortunately, Freesync monitors are incompatible with Macs because my Mac doesn't have an AMD video card which FreeSync requires. It has an Intel video chip. The only other option that I can think of is to get a 27" or bigger HDTV.

FreeSync only has an effect in games, and you aren't gaming on your Mac.


black_zion earlier stated in this post that my Mac mini doesn't support FreeSync. Some monitors have the capability to turn FreeSync on & off.

I don't want to go to the trouble of buying a FreeSync monitor at Best Buy, bring it home, take it out of the box, assemble it, hook it up to my computer only to find out that it isn't compatible. Then I have to disconnect it, disassemble it, put it back in the box & take it back to Best Buy & get my money back.

FreeSync requires the use of BOTH an AMD GPU and compatible monitor, not just a monitor.

Great news!

I bought a Dell 27" monitor with FreeSync.

I hooked it up to my Mac mini & it worked with no problems! YAY!

I've used it for about 2 weeks with no problems whatsoever. No tearing or rolling. Steady as a rock.

So, I worried for nothing.

YAY, again!

Yay! So did Free Sync not work with the Intel chip? I am having a very similar issue.


Adept I

You're running Mac... you seriously expect Mac to run things not developed by Apple?