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Adept I

Problems with the second monitor or hardware decoding? GTA V 6800XT

I welcome everyone, I am writing with a translator, so if you need clarification, write, I apologize in advance and hope for help.
There is 6800xt (gigabyte oc) + ryzen 7 5700x + msi b550 tomahawk, the latest chipset and graphics card drivers ( and 23.2.1), Win11 22H2
Monitors 23.5 Philips 222e2 (vga/hdmi) and AcerVG272UP(dp1.4a)

An example of the problem, recorded on the phone, I'm sorry.
You may notice that when I watch mpc without moving the mouse on the main monitor, everything works fine, there are no problems, but as soon as I start moving the mouse on the main monitor in the game, lags immediately begin on the second monitor, and the lags begin on the AMD performance overlay! And the information is loaded on the AMD overlay only when I stop moving the mouse on the main monitor.


Here the situation is different. When I watch youtube in the yandex browser (well, or any other, it doesn't matter) there are no lags on the second monitor, and it doesn't matter if I move the mouse on the main monitor in the game or not, this does not affect the video on the second monitor in any way, BUT it still affects the AMD performance overlay, which again is updated only then when I stop moving the mouse on the main monitor.


There is no such problem in any other games (at least the following have been tested: Hogwarts Legacy, Cyberpunk, Civilization VI, Assasins Creed Valhalla, Red Dead Redemption 2 (launcher rockstar as with GTA V)
The problem is ONLY in GTA V, and when the video card is very heavily loaded, if the scene for the video card is not complicated, there are no such lags as in paragraph 1.

The problem was always on 6800xt, on 3060ti there was no such problem at all.

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