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Journeyman III

Problems with HDMI with the MSI RX 6650XT MECH OC


I'm very frustrated rn... so... I'm using a HDMI cable+monitor bc I don't have a Display Port on my monitor. 
I used a 2 screen monitor setup before, but i had one of the monitors connected via a HDMI to Displayport Adapter, and it was causing many Problems. I had different coloured stripes on my Display (sometimes both displays) when i tabbed out of Games and sometimes a grey screen.
I then decided to use just one Monitor and connect it normally to the HDMI Port on the back of the GPU. I was sure that the Adapter was causing the Problems. I had no Problems till i noticed today that when I move my Mouse over a Text fast (so that it switches from the normal mouse symbol to the "copy" symbol) the screen flickers where the mouse is. Just that tiny area around it but I'm getting anxious. Is all of this normal or do I have a faulty GPU? Or can AMD GPUs not handle HDMI Monitors well?

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