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Journeyman III

Problem with my GPU performance

Hi everyone, i hope you are having a wonderful day. My question is : I just got a new laptop, it wasn't used for a long time, (Toshiba Skullcandy L50), it has 2 GPU's 1. Intel HD Graphics Family 2. AMD Radeon R7 M260. I only play one game that doesn't require that much performance, Counter-Strike1.6, and for some reason, Intel Graphics performs better than the dedicated AMD GPU, it says Intel Graphics for Battery saving, and AMD for Performance, normally the AMD GPU must perform better than the Integrated one, i have installed the latest driver btw, i don't know where the problem is...Or is it just... the Intel HD is originally better than AMD R7 M260... Which i think is not, it's called a performance GPU for a reason... Anyways, thank you for your time of reading this, may i get a reply please?

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No, the M260 is near twice as fast as the Intel HD Graphics 4400 in that 6 year old laptop. Did you set Windows 10 to use the dedicated graphics?

I have set my pc to work with performance GPU but it didn't work, so i installed AMD Catalyst and it did switch the GPU to AMD, but that's not my problem, my problem is the GPU's performance, and btw, I have Intel HD Graphics family not 4400, and my laptop isn't used for 6 years


The R7 M260 is from 2014, as is the Toshiba Skullcandy L50, and in 2020 the R7 M260 has extremely low power.

You mean that this pc and its gpu were produced 6 years ago ? But still, Counter-Strike 1.6 is no big deal, it was out in 2000, it should run it at a few hundred fps, there's gotta be a setting or something to unlock this laptop's full abilities, is that what they mean by overcklocking ? i have no idea what that is...