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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Problem with fps and preformance

Hey there, Im new here in the community and hope to find help with this issue. I bought a new laptop recently and. It has an amd a4-9125 and radeon r3 as graphic card.. keep in mind i have installed the latest Amd driver and Chipset(dated 2021). When I open csgo it plays with 10-15 fps and i don't know why although i have lowered every settings i possibly can in there. It is also important to know i think that i found out something really weird in advanceed moniter settings the dediygpu is 128 mb While in Dxdiag it is 68, meanwhile in task manger it is 72.. I don't know what to do really..  Any ideas.. Pc model ( Asus X441BA)

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