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Adept III

Problem with enabling HDR on 7900 XT with QN90A tv

Hello everybody,

It is my fist time buying amd gpu and ever since i got it i cannot enable hdr,

Basically when i had nvidia gpu i used game mode on pc and hdr automatically got enabled with Gsync.

But now, I cannot enable hdr anyway what so ever, on gamemode on tv it says freesnyc premium pro but on hdr option it says not enabled,

I tried disabling freesnyc in gpu settings, turned on hdr, still doesn't work.

I cannot get my gpu and tv to recognise hdr in anyway what so ever, when i go to play a game everything is so dim and details are missing its redicilous.
any help?

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New update, but it still isnt noted in known issues.

I really only have another week with my 7900xtx before i can return it within my retailer's return window.

I have played around a bit with some of my issues this week:

  • I cannot run two QN90B's in Game Mode on a single 7900xtx, but added in a RX6600 as a secondary card and I and am running my secondary display on that for now. (I shouldn't have to do this) Adding a second card does make things a little buggier (drag and dropping windows from one display to another) so i don't want to keep it this way.
  • Still can't get HDR working properly on either display even with a two card config.
  • My idle power consumption on the 7900xtx running a single display at 4K 120hz is reporting over 100w. If i drop it to 60hz, i can get the power draw at 65w, but i still think that's too high. This is also a currently known bug for 7900 series cards. for desktop work that power consumption is too high. The RX6600 is about 15watts running the same panel.

I know with additional complexity always comes at the cost of stability. Neither of the the two major graphics card manufacturers are perfect and there will always be some trade offs. But i think right now there are too many software related tradeoffs for me personally to make AMD usable for me. Gorgeous hardware unfortunately crippled by software.

I would like to see a beta driver soon, or unfortunately it's back to nvidia for me

One more unrelated issue i've noticed switching from team green to team red this last week:

4K youtube on Firefox is noticeably worse. youtube isn't showing any dropped frames, but the frame pacing isn't steady. dropping to 1080p clears up most of it. Disabling freesync also seems to make it better but not perfect. This might be just some weirdness running two graphics cards, or just AMD and firefox not getting along. Not sure if anyone else has noticed anything else along these lines.


Journeyman III

I have managed a work around. By connecting my PC through my Denon AVR to TV i can get Game mode working with HDR.Not much help to most people but may assist in diagnosing the fault.

GPU 7900 XTX

Denon AVR-X1700H 

Samsung QN800A 

Hey i know its been long, could you check if your tv detect "Free sync  premium pro " with this fix?

Journeyman III

I found a solution just follow the steps in the video


What gpu are you using? Because this fix apperantely works only on 6000 series. As mentioned at top i hve tried this video  as this video was made for me by member of samsung community. I have tried CRU method on 3 different gpus from 7000 series and on none it worked. I have also sent video of doing exact same method without fix working to amd.

Edit :

Adept I

I am facing the exact same issue with my reference 6800 XT and the brand new Samsung S95C TV. Luckily the EDID hack worked, but having to resort to thiat is unacceptable! Before I had an S95B TV that worked perfectly (due to it NOT having FreeSync Premium Pro).

Basically the state of affairs right now is that AMD GPU owners should AVOID FreeSync Premium Pro displays to get problem-free HDR, while Nvidia/Intel users are fine. Do you realize how insane that is?

Indeed. Finally pulled the trigger on a 7900xtx and now, i'm wondering if I should just return it and cough up 100$ more for a 4080. The card is amazing, but I can't use the features for which i bought this specific TV model (qn90a).

Adept I

This problem is not only on Samsung TV, I have the same problem with TCL TV, the graphics card is RX6700XT

Not applicable

few years ago TCL TV had like 0 blacks from any way you looked at them in store unless you were at precisely the correct eye level height and distance from the screen at the perfect angle like seriously you may have needed to strap it to your body like a back pack so it dangled in front of your face at a fixed angle/distance it had such super extreme viewing angles as its uhh pixels or glare resist coatings were making it look like a PRIVACY view screen protector in terms of being only visible by what was right in front of it and seeming to not become a mirror or a fully gray black and white photograph.. but it was similar to older TFT technologies in terms of view angles and clarity just it was ever present except dead on straight in front. So it might be you have it at the wrong height/distance/angle. it may just be that particular store model i saw had a pixel shape or alignment that was almost like a 3d lenticular.. if it uses a similar pixel tech or display type or it might be the polish or finish or glare resist tech your blacks might just be hard to see unless a precise viewing angle or seating position. used as a monitor might be super difficult unless you remove the desk and position it at a proper height while standing.

Adept I

Upgraded S95C to the new 1205 firmware.
Upgraded Radeon drivers to 23.5.1.

The issue persists, and is still not part of the known issues in driver notes.

I am being punished for getting an AMD GPU and a FreeSync Premium Pro / FreeSync HDR TV. HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?


According to AMD this HDR is working as intended - its superior

Adept I

I've been following this thread for a couple of months hoping this issue will get resolved.
Now I see AMD claims there is no issue at all and everything works fine.-are you freaking kidding me!? HDR in game mode looks like sh*t, picture gets dimmed, colors washed out. Outside of game mode HDR looks gorgeous but there's no freesync premium pro outside the game mode.
If everything works fine then why is gamma on my TV set to 2.2 instead of ST.2084 in game mode with HDR on?

Outside of game mode, with HDR on the PC enabled, gamma on TV is automatically set correctly to ST.2084 (all other gamma options are greyed out), picture looks beautiful. If I turn the game mode on, with HDR on the PC enabled, gamma on my TV is automatically set incorrectly to 2.2, picture looks like sh*it and gamma ST.2084 is greyed out.

My specs:
Graphics card-RX 480
OS-Windows 10

I was planning to upgrade my card to 7900XTX but I won't be doing that unless this issue gets resolved soon.

Honestly i wouldnr count on a fix. This issue is from 6xxxx series gpus and AMD is so good that they needed 2 years to even say issue exists, after 2 months of doing nothing they said it works fine and expect me to post video comparisons of every single thing like thats onyl thig that i need to do.


I havent met more incompetent people in my life. Even mcdonalds workers are more reliable. I had worst experience with. Amd, they have 1 support person that replies every once a while. A lot of ppl say this is issue but bo amd is sure hdr is superior. My tv loses almost 50% brightness when i turn on hdr with gamemode.

They wont give us option to turn fsppro off because it is legit worst thing they ever released. Only thing i hope is that people who will wabt to buy amd gpu will come across this topic and will say fk this - since this will only show future customers what an amazing team AMD is and that they do not care about customers that were already scammed by amd, they wont help with rma or anything ! Pathetic

Luckily I didn't buy 7900XTX yet and if AMD doesn't want to fix this I guess  I'll just have to save more money and go for rtx 4090. I really hope this will get resolved for you in the future since you already bought their newest card.

On AMDs side this is completely unacceptable and they just lost a customer. Way to go AMD!

Honestly if I wasn't outside the return period I would be returning my 7900XTX for a 4080.  Locking the TV in to a HDR mode that has to be game supported that generally isn't by more than 6 titles is a bit mad. You would actually be better off either buying a none freesync premium pro panel or just a different GPU.  Amazing that 2 consumer items that cost considerable amounts of money don't work well together.

Adept I

Same issue here with a 7900XTX and Samsung QN85B, when the tv is switched to HDR game mode I no longer get the option for ST.2084 gamma.  I'm upgrading from a 6600XT on which I used the work around with CRU adding a freesync block 48fps to 120fps this would switch the TV into ST.2084 gamma using game mode.  It appears that the 7000 series of cards does not support custom EDIDs so this work around does not work on my new 7900XTX.

Like the above comments I can confirm the tv is not detecting HDR color mode when in game mode, Its really concerning this hasn't been corrected in almost 6 months since the card has released.  if EDID was supported we could at least have the same workaround as on the 6000 series cards.


Just to add if I'm in game mode with freesync on I can toggle HDR on and off in the game menu and there is literally no difference in the picture, its obvious that the game is still displaying SDR color.  If I do the same thing with gamemode/freesync off the tv switches to HDR and I get the option to adjust ST.2084 gamma levels.

As I mentioned before using EDID overrides would fix the problem on my 6600XT but the 7900XTX does not support them.  Even adding EDID support would allow us to use HDR on our Samsung TVs, a proper driver fix from AMD is obviously the preferred solution as not everyone knows how to use CRU.

I know there's many people out there like me that just thought Samsung had terrible HDR support when they first tried their new TV with an AMD graphics card and didn't investigate the issue and find the CRU workaround with EDID override. 

I've been a long time NVIDIA buyer but can see the improvements AMD has been making with the 6000 & 7000 series cards I want to keep supporting AMD and hope we can get this issue resolved, sucks when you purchase two high end products that have issues like this. Thanks for continuing to follow up with this issue.


Regarding your first point, I believe you have to have things setup on the TV correctly first, prior to launching the application or the correct settings don't get applied. So, by activating HDR after you've launched the app, I don't think it would apply in this case.

However, I'm seeking additional feedback and clarification on this and I will be back to update the thread again once I have more to share.

Can we maybe get temporary fix by allowing us to turn on Free Sync Premium ? This would allow us to use HDR normally while issue is being investigated? This shouldnt be hard as even CRU allows 6xxx series GPUs to use FSP without Pro.

Personally I would much rather use Free Sync Premium + HDR than Pro version of Free Sync Premium in the mean time while issue is being investigated - as I do think most of us would much rather have this. Let me know what is your opinion

Honestly I think this is the best solution for everyone.  Let us switch off premium pro in the driver using a toggle option.  So that it drops out in to freesync premium and allows the display to make the choices about HDR or not.  Locking the display in to a mode (premium pro) that is supported by a handful of games is quite frankly hampering the display.  Giving us a choice is the better option.

This is so easy to solve for you (AMD).

Pick up a Neo QLED Samsung TV and start testing HDR with a 7900XT / 7900XTX graphics card.

You will understand all of our concerns and complaints in less than a minute.

Someone on staff at AMD must have one of these TVs to test out for a few minutes, picture looks horrible with game mode HDR on and amazing with game mode off in HDR.  There's no way this was the intended picture settings for freesync premium pro, clearly the TV is still in SDR mode or something isn't communicating properly between the TV and graphics card.  I understand premium pro is supposed to look more accurate but that can't mean dim half nit brightness with washed out colors and using SDR gamma settings (BT.1886)

Considering how many Samsung TVs are out there and that it effects both the 6000 and 7000 series cards this should be pretty high priority to fix.

Well. As it looks like this is not a priority for AMD if they needed 2 months of investigating to say everything works without any information, etc.
I posted this issue 6 months ago( this issue is 2 years old) up untill now there hasnt been a SINGLE thing done regarding issue. They reply once a week and every time they reply it looks like they expect us to troubleshoot everything and post pictures videos of comparisons when clearly that should be done by AMDs team.

When they said it will appear as known issue it hasn't simply because nothing was being done regarding this issue. Looks like there arent enought people playing games on Samsung TVS aren't paired with AMD's GPUS s that it would make AMD investigate this issue. Looks like 30 people having this issue clearly isn't enough.
. Hopefully on 8xxx or 9xxx series when there will be more people reporting this issue maybe, just maybe somebody from AMD will take 30minutes of their time to check the image quality of HDR mode when using FSPPro.

Hello, I hope this message finds you well. I would greatly appreciate an update on the progress made regarding the issue we discussed a month ago when you mentioned that "it works." It appears that this problem affects a wide range of TVs, including models such as Samsung QLED, NEOQLED, and TCL when paired with models of 6xxx 7xxx series of AMD GPUs.

Upon reviewing my previous posts, I noticed that they receive a significant number of views, presumably because many people are experiencing the same problem and are eagerly seeking updates. However, since the confirmation of the issue by AMD in March, we have not received any further information or updates. Specifically, We were  curious to know if there is any possibility of making FreeSync Premium work without requiring the Premium Pro version, as this would resolve the issues we are facing.

Considering the significant investment I made at the beginning of the year, spending 1053€ on a GPU, it is frustrating to have a GPU that is currently non-functional. Unfortunately, I am unable to pursue the RMA process due to the previous update stating that everything is working fine( Nits go from 1500 > 700 on my TV when i turn on HDR). It is my sincere belief that it would be beneficial for your team to conduct a thorough investigation rather than giving the impression that the issue is being addressed. At this point, we have not seen the problem acknowledged as a known issue, nor have we received any updates, information, or any form of communication regarding this matter.

I kindly request that you prioritize providing us with the necessary updates and information. People have been waiting patiently for three months while nothing has been done, and it's essential to address their concerns and frustrations. Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Update regarding situation. qe50Qn90a tv updated to newest update (version 2130.8), gamma still locked to 2.2 / BT.1886 , nits drop for 50% when turning on HDR.

No change in HDR behavior either with preview driver released yesterday. Still 50% brightness BT.1886 on my 85QN85B with freesync HDR.  Hope it's fixed in the next main driver release, want to use HDR again.

Hello? Like is there anything even happening or should we just give up and accept the fact that AMDs HDR isnt working?




The new preview supports CRU now! I added the freesync block and HDR is working again with freesync! Hope the problem is officially fixed but for now we have a workaround again atleast.



You are correct. As a work around cru works now. Thanks for noticing this i am greatful!


Hey could u just verifty something

I am running on 7900xt with  QN90A tv, i used preview driver and i had 1490 nits of brightness. After updating drivers to 23.7.1 and then using cru profile from previos driver i had only 1405 nits of brightness detected, but when i do the method all over again and make a new profile i get 1490. Does this happen to you also?



Are you at 4k@120hz? If so, can you tell me what's your power consumption in idle, on the desktop? I'd like to know if this new preview driver solved their idle power consumption problem with this tv?




I am using 2x 4k 60hz monitors and Tv, most of the time only one or another since usage is so high.

In idle without any programs turned on i have (approx)
2 monitors 4k 60hz : 35-45W
2monitors + 4k 120hz monitor : 85-95W
only 4k 120hz : 25-35W

I havent even bothered checking settings before since i am using DisplayFusion for setting monitors easily... But i think that issue is still here because this numbers are very high for idle usage.


Thx a lot! Well, 25-25 watts is pretty reasonnable for one 4k120hz monitor. But yes, I read that the new driver does not improve power concumption for everyone, sadly...

Adept I

@Matt_AMDWaiting every day for the problem to be solved

MATT_AMD has no control over the issue of getting the driver updated to work correctly with certain TV models.

MATT_AMD is just a go-between between the AMD Programming Driver department and AMD Forums. He is just relaying the info from this thread to the appropriate AMD Department.

Fixing a GPU Driver isn't as easy as many believe.  The 7000 series AMD Driver might be used by many other AMD models besides the 7000 series GPU cards. 

So if they fix the issue with certain TV Models, that same fix may cause issues with other AMD GPU cards or TV models. 

Unless they come out with a special edition separate GPU Driver (Hot Fix)  for the 7000 series GPU cards that won't be used in any other AMD GPU models.

I do agree with you on the part that takes time is true, but there is also a part where we waited for 2 months, for update regarding this issue and only update we have gotten in this time we got answer that everything works. - everybody is aware they did not check the issue as if they did they wouldnt say it works, since difference between normal HDR and FSPPro HDR is like day and night.

If 6xxx series can turn off FSPPro and use only FSP with HDR ( using simple CRU method) getting button option to switch between FSPPro and FSPremium should be priority. This clearly affects all 6 & 7xxx series AMD GPUS.

First it  doesn't work, picture is so bad that I fully quit using HDR, second there wasnt a single thing done in 3 months. We are spamming this chat in hopes of AMD taking time and RESPONSIBILITY to actually investigate this thing as ANYBODY who would try playing with FSPPro can see that HDR isn't working. We are waiting for something at all to be done. As i said 10 times already this issue is also on 6xxx series GPUs. There were posts regarding HDR but AMD didnt do a single thing.They only started to do stuff when i spammed mails to customer support for 3 months. Now only thing that has been done was that it is said everything works.

Even if issue is hard to fix there should be something done in 3 months since investigation began, instead we have gotten ; 0 info, 1 updates(that did not help anybody) and 0 things done.By this pace there will be 8xxx series GPUs and a lot more people complaining before AMD is gonna start doing something.
Imagine buying top end GPU that costs ALOT to play on top end TV to see that HDR doesn't work for 6 months since I got GPU there hasnt been a SINGLE thing done.

And of course, lets not forget that this TV is FSPPro native. I could use GSYNC with HDR even though it doesn't have native gsync support. Then on the other hand you have AMD that everything should work native but HDR doesnt work for 2 years - since issue appears on all TV's that have FSPPro native support it seems like nobody has ever even tested FSPPro + HDR because clearly picture isnt superior.

Maybe we should just accept the fact if u have AMD GPU u cant use HDR to play games on Free Sync Premium Pro displays, since it straight doesn't work, doesn't display right picture and  nobody gives a single *** about it other than customer that actually have that problem.