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Adept III

Problem with enabling HDR on 7900 XT with QN90A tv

Hello everybody,

It is my fist time buying amd gpu and ever since i got it i cannot enable hdr,

Basically when i had nvidia gpu i used game mode on pc and hdr automatically got enabled with Gsync.

But now, I cannot enable hdr anyway what so ever, on gamemode on tv it says freesnyc premium pro but on hdr option it says not enabled,

I tried disabling freesnyc in gpu settings, turned on hdr, still doesn't work.

I cannot get my gpu and tv to recognise hdr in anyway what so ever, when i go to play a game everything is so dim and details are missing its redicilous.
any help?

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Actually I do agree with you. Explanation does not make any sense at all.

I am unable to show pictures of Nvidia GPU with TV since I  don't own one anymore, but that would easily show how big of a difference there is between AMD's FSPPro HDR when tv doesn't even detect gamma to be BT.2084 and NVIDIAS HDR that works straight out of the box with game-mode.  Sadly fix cannot be that we need to up all of the settings to high.

I can also confirm that with PS5 worked flawleslly last week when friend brought it over to my house.

Not applicable

game consoles like xbox traditionally xbox 360 or one (not the series X or playstation) would game in 720p and fake 1080p with something like 900i and other cheats like dynamic resolution scaling so of course your freesync feels quicker because it lowers your resolution and graphics quality in real time as you game "see gears of war 5" its actually great while sucking because its kinda snuck in by everyone and everything eventually you get like none of the advertised quality. On PC you might be not outputting correctly try borderless fullscreen or actual exclusivemode fullscreen gaming or spam ALT enter a few times and winkey ALT B key a few times.. see if it helps any. When playing back video or video games a bunch of people buy a vertically cut in half ultrawideload of gaming monitor and those will say nonsense like 144hz.. and people set them to 144hz.. but then video and video games.. tend to need specific refresh rates due to timing formulas.. and vsync and buffering and other things. So you may need to disable or enable vsync and try gaming in 60hz or 120hz especially on your windows display settings advanced page in the select the adaptor refresh rate.. But its probably that your console defaults to ycbcr 420 .. and your PC might be using full true RGB 444 and 12bit or something or be using wide gamut colorspace for the desktop games and apps you can see in windows colormanagement you can convert to absolutecolormetric and it often feels like its just honestly gaming faster and looking better because the previous settings sucked! it could also be some overlay or steam overlay or some capture software is ruining your gaming.. or you didnt install requirements or the drivers failed to install and gave an error code.. or you ran some fake stuffs like DDU or other nvidia malware that wasnt a clean reinstall or the AMD cleanup utility. You might also be having issues with your HDMI audio or your audio output or be using multiple monitors or other factors. then be certain you reset your shader cache.. toggled freesync off and on and antilag and toggle custom color off and on.. maybe set no page file if u have like 32GB of RAM? defrag and cleanmgr.exe consider also disabling hibernation and fixing latency issues in registry.

bit like previous.rar - AnonFiles


Quick update ; -Same problem with Resident Evil 4 game, when using game mode ON (tv) + free sync premium pro game looks bad. Game turns brownish, colors are very bad and brightness is way lower. - if needed i can provide picture comparisons as in Elden Ring.

Contrast enhancer option is actually very bad for gaming as it makes game look unrealistic. Never the less I have tried using recommended TV settings.

I have also found out that if i have HDR on and i turn FSPPro off in AMD adrenaline, my tv still recognises signal as free sync premium.

Okay so what you are saying is if we use Freesync premium pro you are disabling other HDR standards to preserve your HDR chain?  That is all well and good but then surely only HDR Freesync premium pro certified games are going to display correctly.  What about launching a HDR game that isn't premium pro certified?  Are you then just ignoring HDR because I suspect you are and we end up with SDR.

If I want to run the game in HDR10 I have to switch off freesync premium pro and are you still going to identify the display as freesync enabled if I do that? So effectively the display becomes freesync premium as opposed to premium pro?

  I am happy to trade off your implementation of HDR that appears to be supported by a very limited number of games (according to AMD site) for HDR10 if I can retain freesync refresh compensation.

I think this needs more in depth explanation on exact configuration and what is lost in each mode.


It seems a very limited number of games support Premium PRO and if the display then doesn't display HDR in HDR enabled games that are not premium pro then you are effectively ignoring HDR at that point?


Gamma setting of 2.2 is not comparable to gamma setting of ST.2084.  

I direct you to this page 

ChromaPure Video Calibration Software

Gamma 2.2 is not a HDR specification therefore you are not configuring for HDR. Fudging the display to attempt to match a HDR signal is not the same as adhering to a HDR standard.

HDR10 is a recognised standard.

You are also locking out HGIG with premium pro on so HDR games can't make use of HGIG.


PS5 and XBOX which use AMD GPU hardware manage to get this correct.  Why should the GPU driver for PC be any different?

It is also worth noting because you disable HDR10 in game mode if you try to play HDR content in youtube for example you are not playing back HDR10 because you have disabled it with freesync premium pro.  I think it would be helpful if you allowed the TV to run as freesync premium rather than premium pro. For me that is a better solution that locking out HDR10 and HGIG in the display based on a handful of games.

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Freesync premium pro IS HDR! freesync 1 is free open spec for displays to use an analog wire to the display so the display just like rabbit ears 70's tv goes as fast as the signal in analog true light true electric fields freely changes to match any signal any speed lowest latency it can go universal maths and wires. But old LCD monitors the cheapest nastiest ones had lots of bad response times and input lags in their display panel and other stuff. So freesync being a free standard and spec anyone could put in monitors was often available in some of the cheapest display panels which decades ago had terrible issues like ghosting or stuck pixels often fakes. So in freesync 2 they put in their own more scientically accurate and better HDR which is all the did.. then published minimum monitor input lag/latency and other requirements and nits and things so people didnt just make the fakest worst monitors with free open spec freesync on it. Try the game assassins creed valhalla or farcry 6 and configure your adrenaline drivers and chipset drivers installed from AMD website. u enable 10bit panel mode adrenaline set it for 12bit 444 RGB or ycbcr and you wanna ensure windows 10 can toggle HDR on and autoHDR maybe then in game go to menu select 60 or 120hz or variable unlocked or unlimited *VRR (depends on the monitors HDR specs)  fullscreen exclusive or borderless windowed mode (try both but freesync used to need full screen) then you wanna in game menus calbirate display and color and find the HDR options and dont set it to 'HDR' freesync premium pro 2 is a selectable option in the menu and you then specify the number of nits and the brightness and the aperture or exposure!

in HDR a bright sunny day trees shadows in photos wont look solid wall of black but be the right daylight shade where details are visible. You wont have crushed details in the blacks. the freesync premium pro HDR can be extreme HDR so you can see at night almost like daytime with the shadows details. but it wont be as cartoony or 'vibrant' at all so some people dislike the muted or dullness of 'absurdly too much HDR' so it all depends on how you configure/calibrate it. be sure to correct or balance or adjust it out with the adrenaline overlay custom colors and maybe use a registry or text file config.ini to specify gain and gamma and other things for it to better suit your display/preference and define the colorspace and consider specifying BT2390+++ or 2100 or 2020 and BTAO+++ or HDAO+++ or both and or HBAO+ consider default colorspace or ciel labs ScRGB and fullcolorvolume and other things.


I appreciate your input but the point is that when Freesync is enabled it forces Freesync premium PRO.  This then disables HDR displaying properly in the OS and in youtube when playing HDR content.  It also locks out HDR10 and HGIG options that are on the TV but get disabled because of freesync premium pro.  Unfortunately if you switch off Freesync premium pro in the adrenaline software I suspect it disables freesync completely and thus you lose VRR support which is bad.  Nvidia does not have this problem.  I had a 3080 before this 7900XTX and I had no issues with HDR10, HGIG and VRR all working together on this TV.  So it can be done.  If you look at the AMD website if that is accurate very few titles actually support freesync premium pro so it sits in a novelty feature category at the moment.  My suggestion is to allow us to drop out of freesync premium pro in to freesync premium and just let the TV detect HDR itself.  I'm not an expert and I don't claim to be but I can see the difference on my panel when HDR is detected and when it's not.  Matt has tested this and if there was not a difference they wouldn't be a post suggesting you manipulate the panel to "simulate" settings that should already be in place if HDR10 and HGIG wasn't disabled.  Consoles handle this correctly it would seem with both the XBOX and the PS5 managing to get it right and both of those use AMD gpu hardware.  So it can be done.


To quote displayninja "

In other words, tone mapping is done directly between a video game and the native color gamut of the display, which in turn lowers the input lag and delivers optimal image quality in accordance with the display’s capabilities.

This means that the game itself must have tone mapping done for FreeSync Premium Pro. You can find a list of compatible games."

The problem is what is happening with HDR games when they have not had tone mapping done for Freesync premium pro? It is possible on our display because HDR10 is off and HGIG is off the game runs in SDR.  That's bad and needs looked in to.

Not applicable

TONE MAPPING is like toggling AUTOHDR and HDR while gaming in windows 10 or inside any game HDR is what slows down stuff not freesync! It slows down because theres more data and bandwidth, but its ADDING color data.. color is light.. so its actually doing something like a second monitor to your monitor in terms of color data and bandwidth and file sizes go way up due to increased bit depth needed.. 1024 vs 256 for each R G B is the difference between 8bit and 10bit display panels pixel in the hardware physical panel. be sure to install adrenaline full software and under global graphics at the bottom of the bottom theres a toggle 10bit pixel formatting for 10bit display panel output you can enable which is on a !!!!!DIFFERENT page to the DIFFERENT 12bit RGB444!!!!!!!!!! HDR is often tuned for TV broadcasts like 8k TVs the latest ones you have BT2020 BT2100 BT2390 and so on as colorspaces for viewing say bluraydiscs or whatever so when you game in ancient sRGB or ADOBE RGB (thats garbage) you convert up with HDR to REC2020(BT2020) the Rec means its a recommended format and BT means its the BROADCASTING TELEVISION standard. use the BT one for games/media. with AMD you can FIDELITYFX HDR TONEMAPPER by typing in the words LPM look it up on the AMD website its officially linked via when searching for prorender on the AMD website. The stuff on is what your nvidia card will take years later and reconfigure when its not copyrighted or they managed to steal the open source stuff they'll shuffle it around put a spin or some **bleep** fake name for it like apple does and claim its the 'latest greatest' thing because its often 60 years old AMD stuff.

it does not FORCE HDR or premium pro freesync is a separate thing. faster than reality freely syncing with the universe any input or output device computing from AMD is decades old so old that gaming monitors were super **bleep**ty specs and when the standard was released its minimum specs was set for the affordable displays. Then manufacturers did the minimum in cheap ones where as nvidia took the fakest **bleep**tiest stuf and cut it in half vertically and overclocked or used a higher monitor part thats more expensive in some things and used software for it all calling it adaptive swapping of the software vsync buffering but charged you like $3000 for the same **bleep** but their minimum specs on a $3000 display were a fair bit higher so retard **bleep**s thought that freesync displays were garbage so freesync 2 was just identically freesync 1 and they forced makers to kill all the input lag and ghosting bull**bleep** and 90's display chips. They then said oh hollywood wants HDR fine we'll say its premium freesync and just put that on monitors that did HDR but allowed output in more HDR than there is in real life if you choose to set it that high..

theres freesync 1 freesync 2 and the premiumpro is the HDR option after the fact which is included in specs because its in the monitor hardware or the TV you gotta understand they doing it for quality control like it must be at least this many nits peak HDR to be considered HDR or it must have at least this sort of input lag.. it doesnt actually convert the signal, thats kinda up to the game and app developer. But there are some include libraries and software and settings and words for the display driver you can freely choose from. Plus you can see how to code for and use freesync on websites like and learn about the color space it uses its SUPPOSED to use true life scientific settings for everything which is better than HDR.. its just called 'real' but that doesnt ever seem to happen so u know its never ever been used so its not forcing ANYTHING. VRR is freesync. You still dont get it. All VRR TV's have freesync in their game mode menu. Because VRR is the TV panel being built to better support and use freesync by the TV manufacturers. Freesync is getting rid of fake buffering and lag and nonsense by basically just a wire from the GPU to the display and control things more directly faster and quicker. Previously you HAD to use software buffers and delays and wasnt smooth or fast or high refreshrate it was fake nvidia bull**bleep**. Basically like moving boxes with a fork lift you would stack them first into 60hz piles and then fork lift them over to the display which would ONLY accept a stack of 60 so if your game took longer to load or read the disk or change of scenery or environment somehow caused the FPS to drop below 60 there was a gap and it would  stutter and lag. So they would like old CDROM and hard disks.. pile them up in a queue in advance before starting so there was some breathing room for if theres a small bit of under 60 performance  in a spike because spinning disks might need to seek the other edge or the inside it needs to physically move and takes forever because intel and nvidia are so **bleep**ty if theres no moving parts their electricity isnt fast enough. So they buffer everything. So nowadays modern PC's nvidia and others buffer their stuff in smallest quickest fast or adaptive buffering that will have queues of smaller 30 stacks and 60 stacks and 120 stacks so it can adaptively throw in half if it falls short and youre supposed to game well OVER the 120 or the 60 stacks so the MINIMUM never drops below it triggering buffering and swapping but nvidia made their adaptive sync so it quickly swaps the software buffer queues with something like a super special retard **bleep**got trident forklift. AMD just made the biggest vaccum shute thing with a wide mouth it all pours out and goes straight inside the monitor no waiting no forklifts its freefalling! But sometimes it can fall faster than the display can catch or its chute is a lot wider than the display was planning on accepting so you use something better than adaptive or fast sync.. and use ENHANCED SYNC which though it is a software system of correction like a buffer.. it kinda also isnt.. !its better! So people take this freesync method and they make the panel catch faster and draw quicker and put a logo on it saying VRR that is an acronym for "suck it nvidia!"

if youve ever configured and calibrated freesync in games like assassins creed valhalla theres an option for HDR in the HDR menu you have OFF then HDR then FREESYNC is separate! so you can toggle either one, but you can FORCE freesync without the HDR globally and force VRR too! type the words into a text file llike FULLVRRunlocked(variable) and save it as config.ini


Please stop posting. Your responses are not intelligible, miss the key issue we're discussing and is getting in the way of getting an official response from AMD.

On my side, I got tired of waiting for a fix and returned my RX 7900 XTX for an RTX 4080. 

I hope the ones that didn't get a fix quickly to this issue which is being reported since the RX6900 days.

This is unacceptable @Matt_AMD 

Adept II

It is worth noting in my case the TV I have is a QN94A not a huge difference but the driver detects it as a QN90A.  I haven't tried messing around with CRU because I shouldn't have to. It should just work and did on my nvidia card this 7900XTX replaced. I am hoping for a fix shortly and more than happy to try a beta driver.

Adept I

Same here. QN90B with 7900XTX.

My graphics settings are 3840x2160 at 144Hz, 10bpc, 444 Full RGB, Game Mode ON on TV. Using an HDMI 2.1 certified cable. All was working fine with my previous NVIDIA RTX 3090.

Now, with Game Mode ON, TV shows FreeSync Premium Pro enabled, but gamma is set to 2.2 instead of ST.2084 and Game HDR (HGIG) is greyed out. Is that the normal behaviour of FreeSync Premium Pro? (I know it takes control of VRR and HDR).

It's not normal behaviour and as Matt has said they are investigating. Hopefully not that hard to figure out what is going on as it doesn't work across several models.  Shame really as these are freesync premium pro certified TV's so they should work out of the box really.  If they work with Xbox and playstation it's AMD GPU hardware in those consoles.


Hopefully Matt has an update for us shortly.

I agree, that It's not normal behaviour. 

Some people mentioned CRU method working, but it looks like it only works on older GPU's than 7000 series. ( What cru method does basically it makes TV use Free sync premium and HDR seperately, and then TV detects HDR).

Free sync premium pro doesn't work as it is supposed to as it makes screen fully dim.
Thankfully mentioned problem is already recognised and is only matter of time before it gets fixed

Well in my particulary case (50'' QN90B + 7900XTX), when looking at TV Game Bar, it shows HDR: FreeSync HDR and VRR: FreeSync Premium Pro. But yeah, TV becomes dim, Windows 11 only reports 700 nits while without Game Mode on, it shows 1500.

Also Game HDR (HGiG) option on TV is greyed out, and gamma is set to 2.2 instead of ST.2084, which is also greyed out.

That's why I was asking if it was the normal behaviour of FreeSync Premium Pro (which not only controls VRR, also HDR), and maybe gamma and Game HDR (HGiG) are greyed out because FreeSync Premium Pro overlaps on this.

Maybe @Matt_AMD can clarify that.


Short summary:

- NO VRR available
- HDR: Yes (gamma is ST.2084 on TV)
- Windows 11 shows 1500 nits

- I CAN'T enable Game HDR (HGiG) on TV because Game Mode is off

- VRR: FreeSync Premium Pro
- HDR: FreeSync HDR (gamma is 2.2 on TV, cannot select ST.2084, it is greyed out)
- Windows 11 shows 700 nits

- I CAN'T enable Game HDR (HGiG) on TV because it is greyed out

Same here. GPU6700xt samsung QN90b

- VRR: FreeSync Premium Pro
- HDR: FreeSync HDR (gamma is 2.2 on TV, cannot select ST.2084, it is greyed out)
- Windows 11 shows 700 nits

- I CAN'T enable Game HDR (HGiG) on TV because it is greyed out"

Not applicable

you need to browse to TV using the remote in the menus in my samsung under picture theres where you adjust gamma and white levels or colorshift like cool white or warm white.. you can SPECIFY colorspace AUTO.. you must use AUTO colorspace for all HDR bluray video and other things.. but for windows desktop its best adjusting gamma to 2.2 or 1.9 and using a setting of SDR.. so your TV thinks its converting old movies or non HDR content to HDR.. as the desktop itself is not actually that sort of HDR. neither are most games or apps no matter what they advertised and if they honestly are HDR.. you can tell as you would need to toggle the auto HDR setting. 

you will also want to adjust black levels for 444 the default is normal for 420 people tend to use LOW. but setting it to auto should be fine. In game mode where freesync is located in my TVs remote control menu under external devices theres actually a black levels or a shadows levels in picture setting you may want to experiment with a +1 in either to see if it helps with the 'rich blacks' you are craving or seem to be unable to achieve. Also be certain where external devices is theres a sort of 'HDMI INPUTS ALLOW FOR HDR" setting where it defaults to lame non HDR for all HDMI inputs for some reason so you gotta specify your HDMI cable is in the correct port for a PC.. check the manual or pictures on the back its often port 2 or port 3 for ARC or something .. and then on my samsung TV using the remote control theres a input "sources" select a input source like the computer browse navigate UP on the remote control and a EDIT button appears and you can specify your PC input to be a GAMECONSOLE like an xbox which might be what you were after.. or a home theater.. or a PC.. there might be 2 types of PC input.. try them both and try setting the AI intelligent picture mode to OFF and maybe the contrast enhancer to OFF or a lower setting as it can crush details.. the +1 to black enhancer might be the best choice instead.

Adept I

Updated to 23.3.2.

Same behaviour.

Same here, issue still exists.

I would like to say, I got same issue.

I am bumping this thread in hopes of answer of the progress made. I am unable to get response from support team on mail, last 4 emails sent in span of 20 days since issue was replicated by suppprt team.

Hopefully we get some insight.


Hey guys, I also have a QN90A and I was considering the 7900 xtx, so I would very much know if this issue has been resolved.

Also, I know it's a bit off topix, but can someone tell me if the VRAM downclock properly when idle (at 4k@120hz). It seems to be another common issue on certain high referesh high res displays: the VRAM clock is always maxed out, which cause abnormally high power consumption when idle. Is it the case with this specific TV model? 

Thx a lot!

You can follow this discussion for updates, as soon as I have an update to share on the status of the issue, I'll post it in this thread. If I don't post anything, you already have the latest update scroll back to see my previous post. 

Just to reconfirm, the issue is still known and currently under investigation.

Dear Matt.

Sorry to bother, but is there a way for us to get ONLY Free Sync premium option in drivers (instead of having only Free Sync Premium PRO), since this fixes a problem and could be a "temporary " solution for the time being.

Thanks again.


I know you said to wait for an update but is there any progress on the solution? I own the TV for a year. I've thought it's my 5700XT problem and lack of HDMI2.1. Now I've got a 7900XTX and the problem still remains. I understand it's likely low on priority lists for AMD but maybe there is some kind of information when the team is expected to take a look at it?

Thank you,
Kind regards,

Adept I

I have the same exact issue with a Samsung Q95A and a Radeon 6950XT. Can't activate the HDR mode when using the TV´s Gamemode and therefore Freesync.

Using drivers 23.4.1. 

Just to report, using a brand new RX 7900 XTX / Samsung Q80A and I have the same problems described. No problems whatsoever with my old GTX 980 Ti to enable HDR on this TV.

Journeyman III

I have the same problem.RX 7900 XTX and Samsung QN800A

I'm having similar issues to everyone above with freesync and HDR, but I'm having one additional issue:

I have two 50" QN90B samsung displays hooked into a single 7900XTX with HDMI 2.1

I cannot enable game mode on both panels at once.

Enable game mode on the first panel, fine.

Enable game mode on the second panel, it gets an image but the first panel blacks out

Turn game mode off/on back on the first panel, the second panel disables.

Both samsungs work fine if game mode is disabled, and i can get both of them up to 4K @120hz without game mode, but it's kind of crappy since the mouse is laggy.


I would be willing to try a beta driver if one comes out in the next couple of days, otherwise I'm going to have to return this 7900XTX and go back to my old RTX 3060 (which did this fine)

I do suspect it's related as it only happens with these samsung TVs. If i do it with two LG panels it's fine.

Not applicable

FREESYNC and premium pro are a FULLSCREEN EXCLUSIVE MODE thing.. like what nvidia pretends ray tracing is.. you may need to uhh not fullscreen but borderless them and use maybe some sort of clone display output mode or uhh extend desktop with exact same resolutions and refresh rates and BOTH on same HDMI or both on same displayport no adaptors or other things in between. You maybe also wanna set your in game options to vsync off and disable any sort of buffering. Consider using ENHANCED SYNC in global settings and then toggling with Vsync. set the in game FPS to be capped to 120 or 60 and try again.. you maybe dont have enough HDMI bandwidth for the colorspace/resolution you are aiming for try lower resolution see if it works? also try unplugging the second one and plugging it in once the games loaded or before the game loads it might be a detection issue press the IDENTIFY monitors button. check in device manager how many displays there are and active signals. if you have an AV receiver it might be trying to game on that. Also ALT R bring up the adrenaline overlay and toggle freesync off and back on again under display. and reset the shader cache. 

Adept III

I would like to thank everyone of you guys that commented.Hopefully we will get amd to fix their issue! 


I hope AMD is able to address this issue quickly. I'm glad that Matt AMD has acknowledged the issue.

It's really a bummer when you shell out all the cash for these top tier "flagship" products from each respective company (samsung and AMD) and a software bug keeps them from working together nicely.

We paid top dollar to have ALL the features. not some of them.


In my opinion bummmer is the fact that 6xxx series GPUS have exact same problem for past 2 years,on tvs that should should support free sync and HDR out of the box.

even though there were several posts about it in the past, it was never looked into it until i sent about 50 emails to samsung and amd then it finaly became known issue. Never the less i am expecting update soon, i have gpu since first week of january and its been a long ride trying to fix gpu.

What makes me doubt if they are really looking into it or not (despite Matt messages), is that the issue hasn't been listed on AMD known issues when they release an AMD Adrenlin update.

It has been more than a month since problem was replicated and after that nothing, no answers or anything.

Ill just wait for few weeks more, if there will not be any fix im going to refund GPU and ill just link this forum post easy peasy refund



Dear @Matt_AMD It is important to escalate this issue as Eluryh has pointed out. This incompatibility is very serious as the TVs it impacts are very popular SKUs and the experience is very bad. Currently we have the option to play without game mode and have a 90ms input lag or play with game mode on and have no HDR. Both are lousy compromises users shouldn't have to make.

I also suspect this issue would also affect other 7 series GPUs with freesync premium pro and will have to be looked upon before launching these.

The issue was escalated when I first posted on this discussion back on page 1. It will be appearing as a Known Issue on the release notes going forward. 

Dear Matt.

Is there a way to forward some news to us? Its very hard to believe that in 5 weeks there hasnt been any fix yet.

That means there's no news. When there is, I'll update the thread as mentioned on page 1. 


Hi Matt, I think everyone appreciates you keeping in touch with the thread and everyone's issue is a priority of course, though it would be helpful to advise on progress of the internal investigation.

 I am pretty sure the driver dev team will have access to that information so the information is available should you choose to share it? Who is the issue with to fix, AMD? Samsung?  Is this a software or hardware issue? The answer to these questions will set expectations as to when a fix might be likely.  Acknowledging an issue exists is step one, replicating said issue and identifying the cause is further down the chain and then developing a solution is even further still.  Where are we in the chain with this issue?  What is it's priority in the dev chain? What is the driver targeted release version does it even have one yet?

I suppose my question is am I going to be asking in 6 months time the same questions I am asking now of you?  After all I have no idea of the complexity of the issue.

I don't think any of these questions are unreasonable?  

No news as it stands reads as - We have acknowledged an issue exists.  Great but when are you going to fix it?

When you as a consumer have a product with a fault, Your car for example, and you take it to the garage to be fixed you are going to ask the mechanic when can they fix it by? You wouldn't accept "yes we acknowledge your car has an issue sir." only to be handed it back with no further information.

Apologies if my expectations seem unreasonable, but I truly don't think they are. At the moment I feel placated not informed.

Update 23.4.3 - still not known issue.