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Journeyman III

powercolor rx 6700xt red devil junction temp high

hi guys and gals. i recently bought powercolor rx 6700xt red devil 2 weeks ago and i only played games like footballmanger and hoi4 until friday when i played bf5 i noticed stuttering i look to the corner of my monitor and i see my junction temp at 92c my gpu cur temp was like 68c-70c so i changed my fan curve on adrenalin edition i set it so at 50c its 70% fan speed and i get it down to 85c junction temp 56 gpu temp. so i changed it again i set the fan curve at 50c its 100% and there was no change in the temps at all i done this over friday,sat,sunday for 3 hours max are the temps safe surely i should have to run my fans at 70% to keep it low? im coming from r9 390 and that was more power hungry but it was never as hot. can anyone offer any solutions?. thank you.


win 11

cpu - 3600x @4.2 with arctic freezer 2 360mm upgrading to 5800x soon hopefully

gpu powercolor rx 6700xt red devil

psu evga 650 gold

32gb 3600mhz corsair ram

mobo msi gaming edge wifi x570

;atest adrenalin edition

not latest bios but it was previous version

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Your GPU temperature are within its Maximum Operating Temperature of 110c for the 6000 series GPU Cards.

The 110c Temperature is for the "Hot Spots" of the GPU card. Once it reaches 110c the GPU card will automatically start to throttle or slow down.

So, anything in the 80's c temperature is good. Once it starts going over 100c constantly then I would see what might be the problem.