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Journeyman III

POWERCOLOR RED DEVIL RX6900XT Purple square artifacts and checkerboard pattern tearing

I am experiencing purple checkerboard artifacts overriding what's on the monitor and also sometimes a checkerboard pattern where what is on the screen is being broken up. The problem greatly increases in intensity when the speed of the fans is turned up.

I originally thought the GPU might be overheating so I disabled the "zero rpm" option in the Radeon Software and the problem got much worse when I manually tuned the fans to run at a mild speed 100% of the time. Under a stress test when the fans went to max speed the screen was broken up the worst.

What I've done so far:

- Shutdown and powerup three times

- Tried cleaning the ports of the card and monitor

- Updated Radeon Software and installed the latest drivers for my GPU.

- Tested different fan speeds and completed a stress test

The card is practically brand new and so I will probably be able to claim the warranty but on the offchance I can't I would seriously appreciate any help preventing the card from totally failing on me, it was quite expensive, so pretty please with a cherry on top.


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Sounds like overheating to me and hopefully not something that needs to be RMA'd.

What's your set up,  wonder if it's getting enough power?

What kind of temps are you gettings?

Is it constantly on screen or only sometimes ?

I'll just add this below for later if you don't get it resolved here:

Reach out to powercolour directly. I'm on their devilclub forums as I have the RD 6800XT myself. It'll probably be the standard TS steps and then most likely to RMA it.

You can also email their support and either of these emails and they can advise you on the RMA if it's actually needed.

It's not all the time, only flashing on the screen when a lot of the screen content changes, like changing to a brand new window for example. The temps are fine 30-45 with idle or low usage like web-browsing. Definitely is getting enough power but I can check the connections anyways.

Thanks for the helpful info!


What PSU are you using?


Corsair RM850x, the whole PC has been running fine up until yesterday.