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Ok, I had a lot of driver crash issues with my system, I tried many things, but that only fixes the issue for one day .. 3 days ago I start to stress testing my GPU and I found out that it on full load GPU lose power also I found out that my card use 280 W when it is on full load. I turned off my CPU overclocking and still I had the same issue undervolting the GPU help for some games, but in open-world games, I had the crash issue a lot.

So after many try to fix it without spending money, finally I was forced to buy a new power supply and that did the job. now I overclock my CPU and fully load my GPU no crashes so far playing for 2 days.

I bought Aresgame 850w power supply fully modular 80+ Gold  I did not want to change my power supply I had EVGA 750w B3 80+ Bronze ..

Ryzen 7 1700 3GHZ  (OC to 3.7 GHZ) Also I turned off multithreading (that boost my FPS close to 20 % )

RX 5700xt Raw 2 8 GB 

16 GB RAM 

win 10 pro 


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