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Adept I

Potential fix for people struggling with RX 5000 crashes - Try a different output

Hi all,

So, I was getting hourly blackscreen crashes on 20.4.2, then less regular Video TDR Failure bluescreens while gaming on 20.5.1. After doing everything I could think to remedy it (DDU on drivers, fresh install, changing pcie gen, etc.), I tried a "it couldnt make it worse" fix and swapped from using DisplayPort to HDMI, and I havent had a crash in a full week now. Another person on said it fixed it for them too.

Its not ideal because my Freesync range has gone from 40-144Hz to 40-100Hz, but not having the crashes is a breath of fresh air.

It would be interesting to see if this helps anyone else, and could potentially point to a problem with either their displayport drivers, or high refresh rate freesync. If it does help anyone, please post your monitor specs and GPU below!

My Specs: R7 3700X, Gigabyte Auros X570, Sapphire Nitro+ 5700X, 16GB 3600MHz RAM

Monitor: LG 27GL850, 1440p, 144Hz

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Adept II

I've tried it, just had a crash now (audio goes then black screen then what sounds like gpu fans going to 100% then automatic reboot). This is with a Gigabyte OC Gaming 5700 XT and 20.4.2, 3700x and a TX750M 80+ Gold, and a few other things done beforehand to try and prevent black screens (SFC /scannow in admin powershell, Game mode deactivated, Game bar deactivated, Enhanced Sync off, Radeon Chill off, Freesync off, AMD Ryzen High Performance power plan instead of Ryzen Balanced and an automatic undervolt via the Radeon overlay).

What's the error code you were getting afteryour crashes? Do you have WhoCrashed installed? Could you share the event logs from event viewer?


Ahh thats a shame. What monitor do you have?

Also to note, I am currently on 20.5.1 which stopped the blackscreen crashes I was getting with 20.4.2, but then started blue screen crashes instead. Then I tried basically all the methods you did, but in the end the swap to HDMI stopped them.

It could be worth trying that if you havent yet.

I don't have the blackscreen crash logs since I reinstalled windows and went to 20.5.1, but the most recent BSOD errors were VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, and were blaming amdkmdag.sys


I have an aoc q3279vwfd8 (1440p, 75Hz).

I've recently been getting VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE errors, but atikmpag.sys was apparently to blame according to WhoCrashed (though my most recent crashes have been SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, 0x7E). What are the bugcheck codes for your VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE errors, just to check? I think there might be multiple ways to get that error.


I think I was getting atikmpag.sys on 20.4.2 when it crashed, but amdkmdag.sys on 20.5.1.

Hmm, I've not seen that error before. The bugcheck codes for the VIDEO_TDR_FAILUREs were 0x00000116