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Journeyman III

Poor Performance + Stuttering



I've just bought an upgrade kit with a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU, a BIOSTAR mobo b550mh, and 2 Ballistix Ram (8GB). My VGA is an RX580 4GB. Any game that I play gets stuttering after a few minutes of playing. The stuttering duration is around 10 seconds, but it happens randomly and many times. I've updated every single driver, made a clean windows installation, and the problem still persists. On my old setup (i7 3770, generic intel mobo, 16GB Ram DDR3 Corsair), the games run very well. Is there anyone that had this problem and can help me solve it? Thanks in advance.

A Link to a video showing the problem: Youtube 


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The problem could be that the GPU is bottlenecking the CPU might be the cause of the Stuttering `and low FPS issue.

I went to this website Bottleneck Calculator and using a RX580 with 8GB of RAM because it doesn't show a RX580 with 4GB of RAM with your Ryzen processor and 16GB of RAM is indicating that the GPU is bottlenecking in the 3 major resolutions.

While using the Intel processor there is hardly any bottlenecking between your RX580 and Intel Processor.

Using Intel Processor from above link shows little if any bottlenecking. At higher Resolutions it is even less or almost nonexistent:

Screenshot 2021-10-26 150056.png

Using the Ryzen 5600X shows bottlenecking in all Resolutions:

Screenshot 2021-10-26 150056.png

Now all this is based on the RX580 with 8GB of vRAM. You mentioned you have a 4GB RX580 which is much weaker than the 8GB version. So in my opinion the above would be much worse when it comes to bottlenecking between the CPU and GPU.

EDIT: If you scroll down the page on the link it will show you the various games and the percentage of bottlenecking occurring plus FPS in each game with the Ryzen and Intel processors.

This is just a simple tool and is meant only as a tool to decide what hardware you might need.

Also go to these Gaming websites and input your hardware and see if it can run the games you have with the hardware and driver installed:


Thanks for answering. Gonna try with another video card. If that is the problem, it will be painful because I have no money to change my video card right now. Geez...

But is really weird that this is happening with this hardware combination. I saw this video:

Same VGA + CPU, 20 games, no problems with performance.

It could also be a Graphics driver issue or configuration issue on your part. The above I just mentioned as  a POSSIBLE reason for your low performance and stuttering issue.

I would go to those gaming links (Can I Run It) to see if the games you have will have a problem or not and if the driver and hardware is good at what options High Medium or low.


IT seems like in that YouTube video it runs smoothly for the games it mentioned. So it could just be a driver or configuration issue with your hardware.

EDIT: In the past several Users with RX580 needed to change in Wattman the power option to 50%, I believe, to improve performance and also change the Fan profile to be more aggressive.

IF the GPU card is overheating it will cause the GPU card to throttle or have graphical issues.