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Adept I

Poor performance 5700XT and Mafia II

Im trying to play an old game called Mafia II that is developed by 2K, however Im getting some random really poor performance with fps hitting 10fps even on the lowest settings.

Who usually fixes those stuff? is it the game developers releasing an update or is it AMD?

sorry if its a newbie question. 

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This game uses Ageia PhysX and has not incompatible problem with AMD graphics cards. If nVidia PhysX software is installed on the system, uninstall it, install Ageia. If the problem is not resolved, move the physx files in the game's exe folder to a different folder. So the driver may not have the problem.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try it tonight and report back


Tried to find the Ageia but it all comes back to Nvidia Physx, and when I tried to install the latest one released by Nvidia physx it got worse.

I tried to dig in the Mafia II directory and I found an installer for Physx from Nvidia and just installed it, it got way better, still random drops in fps but way better and playable

Look at settings of the game, maybe there is a setting for PhysX.

Oh it has a settings for Physx but it is already turned off...

now Im using AMD Radeon software and trying different settings to see if I can improve it, starting by letting the game application to handle everything as much as it can then move on into a different settings until I find the best settings