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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Plugging in my TV Via HDMI slows down computer

Hey there!

So I finally solved a frustrating mystery as to why my entire computer was running slow. My Hardware far surpasses the requirements and yet everything I did caused somewhat of a lag or interface choppiness. 

It was after I unplugged my TV from the back of my graphics card, everything went back to being silky smooth.

While im happy I finally solved the issue, I am now wondering WHY this is happening. Everything used to run fine before. 

I have a Radeon R9 290x Graphics card. 

For now when I want to mirror my TV im just going to have to plug and unplug as needed but I am wondering if anyone has any idea what might be causing this. All my drivers are up to date, which could be my suspicion, something in a recent driver update is causing the problem, but otherwise im stumped. 

Thanks in advance! 


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