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Journeyman III

performance regression in blender sculpt (dyntopo mode) after upgrading gpu from rx580 to rx6700xt

Operating system: manjaro plasma
all my current specs:

i was using rx580 8gb for a long time, but i have recently bought a new gpu, rx6700xt, and i found out that when in blender i turn on dyntopo in sculpt mode i have heavy lags in basic viewport camera functions like panning, rotating, zooming, as well as overall lags in gui.
i've tried different kernels and different mesa driver versions.

i've recorded videos, of how dyntopo works on different cards with simple scene with suzanne subdivided by 5 (1.2kk tris total) and in real project.

this is rx580, kernel 5.15.125-1, mesa 23.0.3, suzanne:

as you can see, 1.2kk tris are just a bit laggy. this is what i consider default performance for dyntopo, which im ok with.

this is rx580, kernel 5.15.125-1, mesa 23.0.3, real project:

there are much more tris in real project, but still, i can easily pan, zoom and rotate viewport.
yes, brush itself is laggy, but im ok with that, it does its job.

now i upgrade kernel and drivers.

rx580, kernel 6.1.44-1, mesa 23.0.4, real project:

same performance.
now lets see performance on a new gpu.

rx6700xt, kernel 5.15.125-1, mesa 23.0.3, suzanne:

it is unusable on a simple scene with 1.2kk tris!
imagine performance with significantly higher polycount.

rx6700xt, kernel 5.15.125-1, mesa 23.0.3, real project:

every simple turn or zoom or move of the viewport camera takes few seconds, thats insane.

same thing with combinations:
kernel 5.15.125-1, mesa 23.0.4
kernel 6.1.44-1, mesa 23.0.3
kernel 6.1.44-1, mesa 23.0.4

while i was preparing this bug report, new version of mesa drivers slipped into manjaro update pack, but please believe me, upgrading to mesa 23.1.5 (kernel 6.1.44-1) makes no difference.

im just an artist, im not good at this stuff, so i'd be glad if someone explain to me, why does newer card have worse performance?

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