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Journeyman III

pc freezes when detecting new hardware

I have just bought a Radeon RX580. I previously owned a Nvidia 760GTX. I uninstalled all the Nvidia drivers using control panel add/remove. I then removed the Nvidia card and put in the radeon RX580. I booted the PC but it wasn't showing in device manager. I tried to install the latest drivers for Windows 10 64 but as soon as it tries to install the drivers it always freezes at detecting hardware changes. The PC also freezes when I try to detect hardware changes through device manager also. I also used DDU in safe mode to remove Nvidia drivers. Does anyone know why this is happening please?

Also I am getting on occassion BSOD either saying WHEA UNCORRECTABLE RROR or CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT. Mostly the screen just freezes though.

I had some issues with my PC lately but I thought changing the PSU had fixed them. Three of my hard drives blew in the repair shop (I still don't really know what happened) and my PC has been acting strangely. The motherboard wouldn't detect drives or load Windows 10 with certain drives attached. Since installing the new PSU I can plug drives in and they work and Windows 10 boots fine. My previous graphics card was working without any issues.

**UPDATE** I just put back the Nvidia card and reinstalled the drivers without any issues whatsoever and device manager has detected the Nvidia card.

Windows 10 HOME 64

Radeon RX560 - previously Nvidia 760GTX

Corsair RM850x PSU

Intel I7 4790K processor

16GB DDR3 Ram

ASrock Z97 Extreme6 motherboard

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