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Journeyman III

Pc crashing with 5700xt

So ive been having this problem with my 5700xt (the card on amazon) When I open certain games or just randomly It will crash. Not the game but like my whole computer. My screens go black and it restarts my computer. Ive redownloaded drivers, used different monitors, and took it out of the slot and put it back.  I don't think its the games fault but the games it crashes on everytime are apex legends and call of duty cold war.

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Journeyman III

Yes... I'm having the same issue as you. I even got a replacement of my GPU but the issue still occurs.


Try this , so far 2 days without restart.




Manual "base freq"

-3 on slider

Turn on manual fan.

Make it aggresive.


Report back after you do this.

Adept II

I actually had the same problem and could not get rid of the problem

It was running on a asrock z390 gaming X which is supposedly the best they sell with my 5700  XT from asrock

Had absolute fun when it worked but again since the latest upgrades of win10 it became a huge pain in the behind.

A few weeks ago i had enough and decided to make a huge step, i bought a aorus mothnerboard the PRO the best reviewed ever with much less parts and tech stuff and guess what the crashing and BS almost disappeared 

Now i have been playing playing for about 3 weeks and had only 1 time that the game crashed.

Its abolute crazy that a board costing 500 euro could not run like this and the 215 euro costing Aorus runs like a charm.

This bold move helped alot but i really would advise to use the latest version and try that because that seems to have helped also. But for me that expenssive board is not usable. Now let me make one thing clear it also happens with nvidia gpu's so its not AMD only. I have several friends who where calling me a lucker till i wqas forced upgraded to the 20H1 en H2  win 10 when the huge problems became bigger.

I still think one of the pushed updates M$ put on our computers is part of the problem, because before the issues started on the older windows versions all ran fine. Then they started pushing this dreaded updates and hell broke loose.

I am still baffled that i have solved it by replacing the motherboard but i am happy because this asrock 5700 XT is really fast.

So conclusion check the moment these problems start and ind install the last version yes i mean the optional one 

See if that solves your issue then i would like to know if your motherboard has many devices like my previous one which had 4 network devices and alot more.  But i admit its a painfull proces to find the culpritt, because we blame the gpu but is it really that or is it the dreaded update which have been giving us many  months of crap as well.

Or is it something with the motherboard components anyway my pc has only had 1 crrash since that time i changed the motherboard so  i am  absolute certain its not the GPU itself alone. It must some combination what is causing this disaster.

Because now it runs like a rocket again, i also noticed that the games i am playing hardly make the gpu work as well, while on the very expenssive motherboard it was shwoing some more activity

All mysteries why does the same game have almost no load now the gpu shows not even 35% load when the game is running at max settings ....