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Payday 2 VR says Wrong Video Card

I recently got an Oculus Rift(Not Rift S) and tried playing Payday 2 VR. The game was showing on my laptop monitor fine but was not being viewed on the headset. Steam was also saying Wrong Video Card, plug your headset into the same GPU as your main monitor. I looked in the task manager and both the Dedicated and Integrated Graphics were being used. I have an Acer Nitro 5 an515-42 with RX 560x and Ryzen 5 2500u. I also have 24GB of ram. My battery settings are also set to Ultimate Performance and I have also set payday2_win32_release and payday2_win32_release_vr to high performance in Graphics settings. It is only some games like Payday 2 that don't work. Other games like Phasmophobia do work.

Thank you.

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