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Adept I

Partial color inversion in full-screen mode

Hello, this week I encountered the problem of incorrect color rendering when deploying the application to full screen. The problem has affected only a couple of games so far: Kerbal Space Program and Helltaker. I tested a few more games and everything is fine in them. I haven't found a solution yet, but I don't have any artifacts like one of the forum participants, except that the yellow and red colors turned blue, and the blue, respectively, became a shade of brown. The black and white colors were not affected at all. When you collapse the game, the problem immediately disappears, and all the colors are displayed normally in the screenshots.

I will make a reservation that the hardware is fine and works fine, including under load in various other applications in full screen mode.

And also separately note that the Steam menu, AMD software and MSI afterburner monitoring also become inverted when they are deployed on top of the game, BUT! the AMD overlay when it is turned on or switching the game to windowed mode returns all the colors back.

It is not yet possible to solve the problem on your own.

P.S.: Video card: RX-470 OS: Win10 (build 1607)

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Journeyman III

I got the same issue, after getting Radeon Software 21.5.2 update, I can't play some games in full screen mode! The colors getting weird like you said, it turned to blue-brown colors. The worst case, my games crashed when trying to do full screen! I can't even alt + enter on some games. I thought it was my Windows 10 21H1 update, but I found out that it isn't (I tried to rollback Windows update)! I uninstalled Radeon Software 21.5.2 and installed 18.9.3 and it works fine like before. Unfortunately, AMD support page didn't provide older drivers download (at least for my PC I only got one option: Radeon Software 21.5.2). Thus, it's hard for me to search to the older one.