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Journeyman III

Out of Memory AMD MSI Radeon RX 7900 XTX (RAM Kingdoms Fury 32gb) Why

I am bought new PC with Radeon 7900XTX (All equipment is compatible)
RAM 32gb 1x

WHen I am playing Discipled 3 Reincarnation (Steam) appears this window "Out of memory try decrease texture quality". This is old game 2010 year.

GPU and RAM during the game the load is no more than 40%. What kind of memory deficiency are we talking about? and why does this happen? but I smiled and increased the swap file (but that didn’t help either)

2 Replies

Found this really old Thread at Steam Community about the error you are getting in that specific game:

Are you using any MODS by any chance?

If so, try using the game without any Mods or a different Mod. The Mod you are using could be causing that Memory error according to the above Steam Thread.

Journeyman III

Yes of course I use mods.
But the problem most likely was in the game’s executable, which needed to be patched using the LAA program, which would unlock the game’s use of all RAM instead of just 4GB.
But I also rolled back to oldest driver version 23.5.2 (just in case), and did not remove the installed swap file.

But I think that installing new versions of drivers for the video card will not make it worse (if the executable is patched).

In short, I have no problems with the game so far. And everything is already working great.