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Journeyman III

OS:Win10 64bit, why my HD7970 when install driver Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.3 Optional get "Page Fault in nonpage area" BSOD?

Hello, Greetings.

My OS is Windows 10 64 bit.

Why my HD7970 Graphic card, when install new driver Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.3 Optional, happens "Page Fault in nonpage area" BSOD?

Any suggest?

Thank you everyone be patient to respond.

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Adept I

i have some problem too. i try clean setup of driver, dont work.
Every time when i setup driver i get BSOD and after every start windows i get bsod too. When i unistal with DDU all drivers i can start windows.
and i dont remember that last version of drivers works correct. i want found it and install

Adept I

I have the same issue, it's still not solved! I have a ASUS HD 7970 Direct CU II. Have tried nearly everything. The weird thing is that my pc is stuck in BSOD after the initial one during installation, only way is to get into safe boot (had to make an Windows 10 usb) and use DDU to fully delete all drivers.
The only newest driver that works for me is "win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-". This is getting so annoying now, the BSOD error states something like PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA error. That should be related to the RAM or SSD, but I memtested 12 tests and checked system files for corruption, nothing wrong.

Help me please.

same here my video card is HD7970 asus matrix 


You mean AMD, ASUS doesn't make those video cards. You didn't say what type of PC your trying to install the card on, So do this.

1) Make sure the 6 pin connector is connected to the video card. 2) Make sure you have a 600 too a 700 watt power supply.

3) Put the old video card back in your PC. boot it up. Uninstall AMD control panel and make sure you check the box that says remove video drivers. Let the process start. When done. Reboot the PC and make sure the only video card drivers you see is standard display drivers. Then shut down the PC and remove the old video card and put the new video card in and boot your system up. making sure that when you'er at your desk top that in device manager shows that the video display driver is "standard display driver". Then install the new drivers and let the installer complete the install. Reboot the PC and your done.

If this doesn't work. Then your PC is Compatible with the video card. Make sure the video card is all the way in the PCIE expansion slot. and that it's lock it. Try again.

If your still having some kind of issue. Then call the PC company that you bought the PC from and ask or call AMD support.


Eu tenho este computador há algum tempo e todas as atualizações de driver

que eu instalei funcionou corretamente após uma certa atualização começou a

dar esse problema Eu não tenho outra placa de vídeo Eu sempre usei essa

fonte do meu 600wats e os cabos estão conectados corretamente. Eu sempre

usei isso não tem que dar problema agora isso e problema no driver de vocês

tem várias pessoas reclamando do mesmo problema em seus fóruns com a mesma

placa HD7970. E obrigado pela resposta rápida que estou esperando.


I have this computer for some time and all the driver updates I installed

worked correctly after a certain update started to give this problem I do

not have another video card I always used this source of my 600wats and the

cables are properly connected. I have always used it does not have to give

problem now this and problem in the driver of you have several people

complaining about the same problem on their forums with the same HD7970

board. And thanks for the quick reply I'm waiting.


Sorry it's very hard to under stand you. Let me get this right, Your using the internal video card and then you got a new video card the AMD HD 7970. So use the on board video card to make sure you uninstalled all the drivers from that card. Use the UUD util it you have to too remove all the drivers for that video card. Then shut down the PC and then put in the new video card and boot up and install the new drivers for that video card. after the install then reboot. The video card control panel should show in the lower right hand corner at the bottom of your display. You should be good to go. 

Use off topic support. You can ask me for help in that channel.


I think he means DDU not UUD. You can get the app from wagnardsoft_com and follow the included instructions. Good advice thanks bigjoe11a!


Actually I am using the HD7970 with the drivers themselves that

windows 10 installs the HD7970 only works with the drivers that

windows 10 installs if I try to download the new driver on your site

and install when it will install the video driver that the screen

blinks on the blue screen PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and yes I

already tried to use the DDU so regardless of what I do it always

happens so I have reinstalled windows several times to try to install

the driver of the site you updated but every time without success


And you are trying to install the Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.2.x drivers right. I think I said this before. DON'T USE the Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.x.x drivers. There's bad issues when using those drivers.


I went to go check the error your getting and it's the drivers that your using that are causing the issue. If your still using 18.x. you need to update to 19.2.x


oh :/

more and now I needed the new drive has games that I can not play right by

not having the new drivers


so you have an idea I can not play apex lengends that the minimum

requirements are Intel Core i3 6300 or AMD FX 4350 and my processor is

FX8320e 6 GB DDR3 with 1333Mhz and my memory and 12 GB DDR3 1333mhz and

NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 or AMD Radeon HD 7730 and my video card and HD 7970

and I drive the game lagged



Well see I use the AMD FX CPU all so to find out that they lag my games all so. The AMD FX is old and out dated. Updating you video card is good idea. It's just you need a GTX 1050ti or better. Lag is all so cause by your HDD not being fast enough to handle the game, You mite want to install a SSD Drive and install that game on it. See the AMD HD 7970 video card is too old of a card. Even though they say your PC will run, Chances are that's not all ways true.  

To help with the lag. Install the game on a SSD drive. and send the AMD HD 7970 video card back and get a AMD RX 560 or a 580 video card. I'm a PC Tech and have been for over 30+ years. I'm learning all this crap all over again trying to keep up with new technology and using my skills you help people that need the help.


Okay, thank you very much, you've helped me a lot, you can stop the service.


DON'T install the NEWEST drivers. First try to install the older version, like 18.12.1. You could try 18.12.2 but those are the 2019 drivers, but I doubt they will install. Stop suffering with reinstalling Windows and just read what people post here. For example pokester gave a potential solution, I don't know if it will work for you but it's worth a try! (I copied his solution at the bottom of this post!)

You can find the previous driver versions here: 

When installing/reinstalling drivers use this advice I already gave on the forum here: 

Be sure to use DDU software (Display Driver Uninstaller Download version ) in safe mode to uninstall drivers. It seems that thats the best way.


Incase of Windows 10, I recommend setting up easy safemode incase stuff goes wrong, you can always boot up in safe mode this way: Enable or Disable F8 Advanced Boot Options in Windows 10

You are lagging in your game because your HD 7970 is not being used at all since you don't have the proper drivers for them!


Have windows update scan for new updates. Not all updates show unless you scan for them. The latest cumulative update seems to help for whatever reason. 

Then have the 19.1.2 driver downloaded don't upgrade from Radeon Settings!

Disconnect from the Internet! This will keep Windows update from screwing up the install.

Run the 19.1.2 installer, and choose clean install. 

If you restart and it's still not fully working then install the 19.1.2 driver again this time as an express install over the same driver.

This should do it. I now have my HD 7950, 7870 and R9 380x working. Before they were not working with the new drivers. )

 Do the following you have to disable windows from updating the driver with the windows repository driver, this is what screws things up.

Disconnect from the Internet! This will help keep Windows update from screwing up the install. I would recommend you stop Windows from updating drivers automatically period. You can google how to do this for whatever version of Windows you have. 

Run the 19.1.2 installer, and choose clean install. 

If you restart and it's still not fully working then install the 19.1.2 driver again this time as an express install over the same driver.

If that doesn't work I don't know. I can only say it worked for me on 3 of my AMD cards that had not been able to load any newer AMD driver in probably the last 6 months. 

Oh and the drivers are not on my site. I don't have a site. The people here are users just like you helping others. We don't work or speak for AMD. This is a user to user forum only not AMD support. This is explained in the links in the forum headers. 


To correct you:

  • AMD makes the actual GPU chip, they R&D it. ASUS makes the actual video card, with their custom PCB. What you are saying is the same as that all android phones are actually Qualcomm, but no Qualcomm is just the arm CPU manufacturer, Samsung, Huawei, ect use Qualcomm's CHIP in their own branded phones.
  • 600-700W is overkill, you could perfectly use a 500W or even less. Go calculate power usage, CPU max usage is 105W (mine i5-2500k OC'd to 4.7ghz), the HD7970 uses up to 350W at the most peak maximum, it ususally doesn't even reach that point. The fans and hard disks have such low power usage that you should not count them in (SSD is 1.2W, and HDD 6W at MAX peak write.)
  • HDD or SSD does not affect game performance, it only changes the LOADING speed! Perhaps in games like CS:GO it could give you a bit of more FPS, but that's because of the cached shaders, and even then, the difference is not noticeable. It's even more adviced to NOT install games on your SSD since usually you have your Windows OS on it, and it's more beneficial to use another storage drive for games so there is more accesable bandwith for each drive and less interference. But even then, it does not make any difference!
Adept II

Have seen the same issue when trying to update tonight, only solution is to role back, seems AMD has some-kind of issue with 7970's in newest release, at least on windows 10.

was a bit of a pain to get into safe mode and try to roll back... tried to uninstall with amd uninstaller no dice, but a drive rollback through devicemanager worked.

made sure everything was stock still BSOD on boot, again fine with old driver.

Adept I

Same problem but RX 560. I thought my S.S.D. finally kicked the bucket. Merely wanted to add that it's not just HD 7970 specific.

Adept I


I finally gave up and bought the RX580 and all my problems were solved.

Be sure to use DDU software (Display Driver Uninstaller Download version ) in safe mode to uninstall drivers. It seems that thats the best way.

Incase of Windows 10, I recommend setting up easy safemode incase stuff goes wrong, you can always boot up in safe mode this way: Enable or Disable F8 Advanced Boot Options in Windows 10

Many of us have not been able to load the current drivers on our older products such as the HD7xxx and  RX XXXX series cards. File a support ticket on this with AMD, guessing not enough people have complained yet:

Online Service Request | AMD

Here is how it went down. Like 3 days ago I got received the RX 560. I used D.D.U. to remove the Nvidia drivers from my GTX 550 Ti, then powered it off to swap cards. I disconnected the Ethernet to avoid the Windows Updates installing drivers, good that I downloaded the 18.12.2 beforehand. Updating to 19.1.1 was recent, and I chose to "Clean install" something must've gone wrong. Thanks to your advice, I used D.D.U. and installed the drivers, all went well. The only difference is that I got the "Inaccessible Boot Device" something like that, but it is a Blue Screen Of Death, every restart cycle.


So you rolled back to 18.12.2 and now your pc boots normally again?

Btw, in DDU, just use the recommended option.

Do you have all the latest windows updates?

I would leave the ethernet cable plugged in. When you uninstall the driver with DDU in safemode, just start installing the driver after your pc boots up. (I always have different driver versions on my desktop) Dont worry about windows update. Usually it does more good than bad to have it on, incase you need a driver update with the new GPU.


Yes, rolling back helped me, but then I used D.D.U. to remove the drivers, then I installed the 19.1.1 and they installed, no problem with the Blue Screen anymore. Yes, always fully updated Windows.

Oh, sorry, my previous reply was that I solved my problem, I must've explained it wrong.

The only reason I didn't want Windows Update to kick in is because I have to restart, then I install the current drivers and then another restart. It can get annoying restarting repeatedly when I want to already continue my life.

Adept II

the 19.1.1 with WHQL does not seem to help. win 10 1809, i7 3770k 16gb ram 2133, SSD 1tb.

keep having to role back to driver 24.20.13019.1008, or get error "Page Fault in nonpage area"

tomorrow will take revo to it to remove all old AMD files to see if that makes a difference, I will note that of the failures I have seen 3 of them including my own have been MSI 7970 lightnings

perhaps something in how MSI set the BIOS conflicts with the new driver?


I dont think it's MSI related though, I had an ASUS card and it had the same issue.

Seeing as it happens in different models I suspect the new Windows 1809 update and the AMD Crimson 2019 update having issues with each other. I wonder if rolling back to 1803 or even older resolves the issue.


i have this problem on 1803 and 1809.

If you have a copy of Afterburner installed make sure to uninstall that too.


So no Dice, used revo uninstaller pro and DDU, rebooted without internet and tried a clean install of 2019 WHQL BSOD page fault in nonpage area, no Afterburner. will open a ticket

Can i join to your ticket? or i need open my?


You would need to open your own service request with AMD:

Online Service Request | AMD 


ok. Thank you

Adept I

Have the same problem - reinstalled the whole computer and still can only use the drivers from windows update - if i try ANY driver version from AMD - its just BSOD and the goes into a restart loop with "Page Fault In Nonpaged Area" - have stresstested both gfx and memory with no errors.

I have HD7970

Journeyman III

Good day!

I have the same problem. MSI R7970 lightning video card.

When installing drivers, I immediately get BSOD, I tried on 1809 and on 1803.

Reinstalled Windows 5 times.

When will this issue be resolved?

We'll have to go buy another video card from another manufacturer.

Who will pay for the services of programmers who eliminate BSOD on personal computers?

Adept I

Just use the windows update drivers - no way in hell that they are gonna fix this - our gfx cards has been flagged as old so - they know about it, they just want us to buy new hardware

Yeah I agree, the cards are old and AMD probably knows about the issue. A big company like that should have noticed by now. 

But still the card is only 7 years old, and it's not like they announced it's not going to be supported anymore.


Thats not quite true the last variant of Tahiti launched on March 4th 2014, so just shy of 5 years old as the R9 280 (aka 7950) or for a full 7970 the R9 280X August 8 2013 which puts it at 51/2.

You can flash most 7970's to 280X cards I would like to know if the 280/280X are impacted as well, if not that means there is a clear fix in BIOS/software 

Adept I

To fix this issue. You have to update the video drives. Use Version 19.1.x. There are issue with that drive and have been. The issue seems to be fixed in version 19.1.x. Stay a way from the driver version 18.1.x and above. ONLY use drivers 19.0+