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Adept I

Only one monitor working at a time

In Windows the "multiple displays" box is stuck at "Show only on 1". When I select "Extend these displays" it immediately reverts back to "Show only on 1". However, when I select "Show only on 2" my second monitor turns on and works, but the first one goes black!


Windows detects that I have 2 monitors connected, but whichever one I plugged in second says it can't find a signal and turns off and all the Windows settings like Scale and Layout are greyed out.


In the past I had an issue (unresolved) where I was trying to use 2 monitors (1440p 145hz and 1440p 170hz) but for some reason Windows was locking my 170hz one to 60hz and everytime I changed it it would just revert back to 60hz, but when it was the only monitor plugged in it worked fine. I never found a solution to that problem and have just been using 1 monitor. At this point I'm thinking maybe I could have a hardware problem. Someone also told me to update my motherboard drivers and BIOS but I opted not to and just gave the monitor to my dad (I didn't want to mess up the driver installation and brick my PC.)


Edit: forgot to add my specs.

RX580 8GB, Ryzen7 2700X 3.7Ghz, and ASRock B450M/ac

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