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Adept III

Older card faster than newer one(amd dev takes note)

I was using a Radeon Pro WX 4100, but i recently bought a AMD firepro w7000 and despite being years older is way faster than the WX 4100 editing and performance/gaming? Shouldn't it be the other way around? 

Plan to buy W7100 next month and wondering should i even bother with a WX 5100 or WX 7100

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Please provide details to your findings in terms of OS, driver, application and benchmarks used.


Are there updated bios for the W7000, just curious?

current version from the radeon settings shows



Can only say by Bios Part No. 113-xxxxx, if there is a new one.




This is an HP OEM board. Why do you need a new VBIOS? Is there any problem with the GPU?

besides the heat issue which i manage to keep under better control ( card was heating up to 96c-101-102c, reapplying new paste and screwing the back more tighter, now the card stays at 88c-95c) no, was just curious were there any new bios for this card?

Seems like the w7000 and w7100 heats up really high anyway. 

I can provide you with a newer VBIOS for W7000 HP, if you PM me your email address

PM sent. Thank you! 

Adept III

My System specs: Windows 10 Enterprise, Xeon 2650 v2, 32GB memory, Firepro W7000. 

Every game which i played the Radeon Pro WX 4100 vs the W7000 , the W7000 is faster. The w7000 specs are higher than the wx 4100 though, even though the wx 4100 is good, despite being older the w7000 is still faster overall. 

The only problem i have with the w7000, it gets up to 90c and sometimes 96 when gaming, is it suppose to get this hot?

As for benchmarks, just gaming in the games i am playing is much faster, sleeping dogs, this is just one example. I bascially get double the framerates in games using the w7000, but again, the specs are much faster in the w7000. I'm buying the WX 7100 next month though  , wanted to buy a W5500 but kinda pricey out of my budget atm. HKShip 3-22-2020 2-24-17 PM-561.pngHKShip 5-10-2020 7-27-24 PM-978.png


First of all Workstation Graphics cards are not gaming cards and their drivers are not optimized for gaming. Secondly comparing a FirePro W7000 ($700) with a Radeon Pro WX4100 ($400) is not a good comparison. Take a look at the compute units, memory bandwidth and bus width below:



AMD W7000

AMD W7100

AMD WX 4100


20 × CU with a total of 1280 ALUs

28 × CU with a total of 1792 ALUs

16 × CU with a total of 1024 ALUs



·         143 GiB/sec

·         154 GB/sec

·         149 GiB/sec

·         160 GB/sec

·         89 GiB/sec

·         96 GB/sec

Bus width

256 bit

256 bit

128 bit

Default size

4 GiB

8 GiB

4 GiB


1.2 GHz × 4 (4.8 GHz)

1.25 GHz × 4 (5 GHz)

1.5 GHz × 4 (6 GHz)






Base core frequency

950 MHz

920 MHz

1.12 GHz

Single precision




Double precision


206.08 GFLOPS


Half precision






·         1x 6-pin

·         1x 6-pin

No separate power connectors

Maximum power usage

150 W

150 W

75 W

Yea i know, i just thought the wx 4100 would be faster, in general because its newer, etc. Despite being years old though, the w7000 is amazing. It just heats up to around 95c sometimes lol. cools down quick though.

Both cards are good though, i only game with workstation gpus anyway, have been for over 7 years,  i prefer them over normal gpus. Anyways, next GPU i am buying is a WX 7100 or W5500 next month. (w7000 will be for my secondary rig).  Cheers and keep up the good work with workstation cards. 

The WX 7100 is an AMAZING card and at the moment I am bitterly regretting selling my old one and buying a W5500. The W5500 has been RMA'd due to continuous BSOD issues and am (still, after one month) awaiting a replacement. Early adopters beware...

Let me know your system spec with W5500 along with the monitor, cables and adapters used to investigate the BSOD issue. A screenshot of BSOD would be helpful as well.

Thanks - the build is AsRock X570M Pro 4/Ryzen 3700X/32Gb 3600 RAM feeding a BenQ SW2700PT via DisplayPort (BenQ supplied cable). The W5500 produced daily (sometimes twice-daily) BSODs and black screen crashes from first installation. On advice from technical support (ticket 8200952941) I ran DDU and submitted Belarc and DxDiag reports, along with various BSOD reports (Blue Screen View). I also did a fresh install of W10 Pro, then fresh 2020.q1 Radeon Pro driver suite. Nothing worked so opened a Warranty requst and was approved, although I returned it (receipt verified) over a month ago and still no replacement. Had a WX 7100 previously which always ran rock-solid and bought a WX 3100 second-hand to cover the gap, also rock-solid...


I will follow up with GCC team.

Can you check on this post i made about drivers issues above 19.Q4.1 


I checked your ticket. Indeed you might have a faulty card.

Yes indeed, that's why it was RMA'd... But still waiting for my replacement nearly five weeks later. Anyhoo, your attention is very much appreciated, as always. You're doing a great job fsadough Thank you.

I already expedited your RMA request.

Sadly even though I have already had one W5500 replaced under warranty (ticket 8200956759) I am finding that the new card also produces random system crashes. I am sure the card is to blame because for 6 weeks I used a replacement (WX 3100) and had ZERO crashes. I am extremely disappointed in this so-called professional card. I am also disappointed that I am unable to start a new ticket because the reCAPTCHA option simply does not work (I can't click it). 


Please allow me to repro the issue once I am back to the office on Monday. I asked around and the issue seems to be system specific. Do you have any memory dump files with the new card? At what point do the system crashes occur? Do you run any specific application? Did you try to seat the GPU on a different PCIE slot?



Thank you for following this up.

Memory dump file attached.

The crashes always occur when I am either playing music or video in the background (Spotify/Youtube etc) through a sound card. Tried uninstalling and removing the sound card but made no difference.



Can you include the actual dump file located at:




Anyway, doesn't matter. Also crashed hard within 30 minutes when installed in second PCIe x 16 slot. Had everything open - 2 multi-tasking VPNs, Chrome, Spotify, Audible, Bridge, PS, WhatsApp, Signal etc etc and it crashed just the same. No BSOD this time - went straight to black and froze up.




Hi both,

Quick update. I reached out the ASRock technical support and they suggested changing the PCIe link speed in BIOS to Gen. 4 from the default Auto setting but it made no difference - crashed after about one hour as usual, while playing music and browsing. Sending the memory dump file anyway. Not sure if it relevant or not but when I compared the minidump files in Blue Screen View I noticed that the Time Stamp and Time String for three previous reports (filenames atikmpag.sys/dxgkrnl.sys/ntoskrnl.exe) for were the same but for the latest dump/crash they were radically different. Anyway, don't know if it is significant or not - it still crashed! Just an observation.

Thank again for all your help with this...



A ticket for our engineers has been filed. Please stand by.


DxDiag report attached.



  1. Where is the sound card installed? On which slot?
  2. On which PCIE is the W5500 installed?
  3. Does the issue occur when you use onboard sound (without your sound card)?

I was curious could you check to see if the dev team is releasing a new updated radeon pro driver before august? 

like a hotfix to fix the issues which i mention to them from email?


actually a new driver was release today and it fixes all my issues. It even has the new AMD Control panel layout  Thanks for all the fixes! 

Radeon Pro Driver version 20.Q2.1

You should or someone from the radeon pro team needs to make a new post/blog about these drivers and all the fixes. These new drivers even fixed the problem from 20.5.1 that performance overlay slows down games, its all fixed now. 20.Q.2.1 is great drivers indeed, no problems at all. 

I just bought a WX 7100. The card is good, but temps when gaming heats up around 94c. Also what's weird the W7000 is faster in a game called Brink (FPS Game), the WX 7100 struggles around 12-30fps. Every other game works perfectly though. Brink is a OPENGL game. I don't get it lol. Besides that , great card. I just hope it hitting 94 in some games wont be a problem. 


why you "only game on workstation gpu's"? o.o the only sense it makes is that you work with your GPU.


Why not game with them? i can do work, editing and gaming, perfect package. 

ATM though, I'm not using a workstation GPU, My WX 4100 i gave to my wife because she needed one. My W5000, W7000 are backups now, I bought a 570 8GB. The Other workstation GPUs are out of my price range, some of these cards are very very expensive. So on my main computer i am using now i will use my 570 8gb that's coming, but on my secondary rig, i plan to buy a WX 7100 or W5500. 

So i will always pretty much use workstation gpus , they do editing well, etc and gaming just fine. 

thats what i said, it makes sense if you work with ur gpu.

Adept III

Oh sorry and as for drivers. Radeon Pro WX 4100 tested 19.Q4.1 which gives the best performance, using the newer ones drops performance. 

Using w7000, 19.q4.1 crashes alot, switching to the newest enterprise ones no issues. 

Journeyman III

you seem to be ignoring one important fact: they were not built for the same purpose, any reputable manufacturer of quality will release, either being phones, cars, or even food, will make different models for different purposes

  • phone DD3 (2017) is great for social networking, it has a fast data connection, it has no slowdowns while multitasking and has a 1080@60 camera
  • phone ZX 7 (2017) is your best gaming companion, it has a vivid display, screen response is 50ms, and can handle 3D graphics with very little heating
  • phone DD6 (2020) it had fast 5G connectivity, there's no noticeable slowdowns while multitasking, and it has a 4K camera
  • phone ZX max 2 (2020) it has a vivid display with high refresh rate, the screen response can be as little as 10ms, and it can handle 3D graphics with little to no heating

while is true, you can any phone for social networking, phone ZX7 still will outperform phone DD6 for gaming, as true as phone ZX max 2 can be used for social networking, it still will perform as average as a $50 phone on non-3D heavy tasks

in my case, for example, I have an old AMD II X4 955, it was built to be an any purpose CPU for your main computer, it can run any game even from today standard without any issues, it can also be overclocked, but I never even had the need to, it can ve used for video editing or video rendering and I had a great time in blender

so, in sort, one trash is another's treasure, you need to consider having a different PC for gaming and work