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Adept I

Observation (Game) - Hard System Crashing, Dead GPU

I had 2 Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8GB cards in CrossFire.

I was playing Observation when the game crashed (a regular application crash).

I reloaded the game and tried to get back to that point and I had a hard system shutdown, as if the power was cut.

I thought the PSU (Corsair AX760) was dead, so I replaced it with a brand new one (Corsair CX750M).

My system booted up normally, but the primary GPU was dead.  I verified the power connectors were installed correctly, I tried it in both PCIe slots, I tried it without the second GPU installed, and I tried it in another system.  The fans don't even spin when the system is powered on.

Dead PSU that killed my GPU, right?

I was playing the game again, with the brand new PSU installed and the second GPU only (with the first one physically removed).  About 15 minutes into the game I get another hard system shutdown.  This time the system came back up and the GPU lived.

I'm running Windows 7 x64, and if I lose another GPU I'll be dead in the water.

Is anyone else experiencing system crashes with this game?

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