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Nvidia or AMD Graphics card


So I want to build / buy a PC. The problem is, that I don't know if I should get one with an Nvidia or AMD Graphics card (RTX 3070, 3070ti, 3080 or an equivalent AMD card). The main benefits / drawbacks I'm aware of are that Nvidia is much more performant regarding Raytracing (and is a little bit faster overall) and has features like DLSS. AMD on the other hand has more Memory and consumes less power (less heat?). I would use my computer to play games (1440p or 4k), use programs like Photoshop and some 3D software (to draw a house for example). I also have to say that Raytracing isn't a huge deal for me.

So my question is, what manufacturer would you pick and why? And also am I missing on some features?

I hope you were able to understand everything and hope you can help me

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What PSU wattage do you have installed?

What will be the main reason for your using your PC?

If it is for Rendering or using Professional type software like Photoshop or a 3D Program, I suggest you go to their Support site and see which GPUs are recommended for running those types of programs.

Choose the one that will run those types of programs the best.

The reason why I mentioned the above because some Professional type programs are optimized for Nvidia and others for AMD GPU cards while other can use either.

If it is just for mainly playing games then either Nvidia or AMD will work. Depending on your Budget and PSU wattage you have installed.


If you don't mind troubleshooting errors, crashs and issues in general then go for AMD. If you want a stable and almost "plug and play" experience then nvidia is the way to go. This is coming from an AMD owner.

I agree with this... I have been all AMD since 2019 and ive spent a fair share of time dealing with troubleshooting and bugs... I think AMD is doing great things though and I am constantly rooting for the underdog so its nice to see the strides they've made since ryzen 3000 and radeon 5000.