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Journeyman III

no signal to pc screen

Hello everyone
If I turn on the PC with the new graphics card, the "RADEON RX 6800 XFX" LEDs light up and the fans start.
The screen does nothing. It's just black. The only thing I can trigger is a "No signal" if I connect the DisplayPort cable

I have tried this card in 3 PCs and this is the same thing that happens

is there something to do or it just does not work
it is completely new

2 Replies
Adept II

you broke it!!!! just kidding what power supply do you have make sure you have both 8pin connectors all the way in and the gpu is seated  correct ... also what motherboard do you have if it has 2 pcie slots try the lower slot see if you get anything i would also try a full bios reset just to be sure if nothing i guess its time for an rma I cant see it not working in 3 diff pcs

this is the setup i have put in my pc

Power supply:
CORSAIR HXi Series HX1200i - Power supply (internal) - ATX12V 2.4 / EPS12V 2.92 - 80 PLUS Platinum - AC 100-240 V - 1200 Watt - Europe

Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER Motherboard Socket AMD AM4 Form Factor ATX Mainboard Chipset AMD® X570

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - 3.7 GHz - 12-core - 24 threads - 64 MB cache - Socket AM4