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Journeyman III

No Signal after Monitor-Standby | RX5700XT (XFX THICC II)

Computer Type: Desktop custom build


CPU: R7 2700

Motherboard: ASUS PRIME B450-PLUS

RAM: G.Skill 3200MHz 16GB Kit

PSU: 600W BeQuiet

Operating System & Version: Win 10 1909

GPU Drivers: Radeon Software 20.4.1

Chipset Drivers: Latest.

Background Applications: Tried with and without.



I have a 5700XT since last Tuesday and it has some weird Standby-Issue.When the standard windows monitor-standby sets in, the GFX-Card won't "wake up" or send signal at HDMI after waking up again.


The PC does NOT freeze, i can connect via RDP for example and reboot it - but i cannot get the monitor to get a signal again, until i reboot.


I reinstalled Windows, had a Nvidia Card before, but still the same issue - even with the new Driver from 2nd of April.


Any ideas what todo?

Temporarly i could deactivate the monitor standby and use a screensaver, but that is NOT what i want to get used to :(


I do not have a DP-Cable in reach right now, i will get one today and test if its because of HDMI.

Did not have these issues with my old nvidia card.

@Amins: Sorry i probably posted this thread in the wrong sub-forum first.

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Adept I

Sometimes this happens to me too. 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse. Its really annoying.