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Graphics Cards

Adept I

No HDR10 support for months now

Radeon Fury X (on latest UEFI f/w)

Windows 1809

Driver 19.3.2

Club3D DP1.4 -> HDMI 2.0

Yamaha A/V reciever

LG C7 tv

So I'm starting a new thread as the old thread doesn't accurately reflect my issue any more, my new issue is that driver will not report the HDR10 support of my screen. The details section in the Radeon settings reports HDMI 2.0 bandwidth but both it and DXdiag report no HDR support from the screen. Only 6 months ago this all worked but then I updated to the latest driver 12 weeks ago or so and no more HDR for me. I can swap the HDMI lead from the DP adaptor to any other HDR supporting device I own and enjoy 10 bit colour as I used to on my PC.

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