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Adept I

Newbie about monitors and this GPU RX 5500 XT

I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem.  I currently have an RX 5500 XT GPU running with an i7-9700K chip  inside a Z390-e motherboard.  I also have currently two monitors hooked up.  One to my RX and the other from my CPU.  I only play three games, which are World of Warships (WOW), risk and COD.  When I play my RX in WOW, I can get up to 75 FPS and the ms are around 30-40 in the game.  The settings in the game are on medium.  If I put the settings up to high, my FPS drop down to like 20 FPS and the ms are going crazy on me and then I get the jerkies from the game.  My monitor that I play on is a Lenvon C27-20 with a refresh rate of 75 and it's 27".  I would like to do two things.  One is get a better monitor to play WOW on, and bigger than a 27", and two, get a bigger monitor (maybe a 34" curved) with a higher refresh rate.  Can I my GPU do it?



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