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Adept I

New rig with Ryzen 7 3700 and a 5700XT Video TDR Failure


I got since 2 weeks this new rig, complete new.

And i get Blue Screen of Death, Video TDR Failure, now and then.

I get it wen i just watch a movie on netflix, and also wen i play games.

i have tryd to update BIOS  all latest drivers for everything.

After a blue screen of death, i reboot the pc in safe mode, and use DDU

to clean it. and  start it back up and instal it again. then it works again. for a while.

I dont know anymore, how to fix this issue. any idea's ?

Amd Ryzen 7 3700x


 AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

16GB 3200 mhz

850w coolermaster PSU

Win 10 64bit.#

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Journeyman III

Hi ! 

I have the same issue never succeed to fix it, i'm gonna send the card to the seller and he is gonna see if it is the card that as a problem or not. If the card has no problem i think i will do the same as many people and i'm gonna change to the green team because drivers issues are not affordable for a card with that price tag. 

But try this maybe it can help you 

I seen also that some people has raised a little bit the GPU minimum voltage like arround 775mv 

If after all this, it isn't fixed I advise you to do the same as me. 

Best regards 


Havent done anything.  but the blue screen of deaths has stopped, i do still get some random black screens wen im gaming, some thimes it bring me back to the desktop but somethimes  it just reboot the pc.

its like the gfx is like shutting down.


If it restarts when playing because it is crashing, check the event viewer if you get any kernel and radeon 1000 error


its getting Kernel-power   errors, id 41