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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

New monitor doesn't turn on with new WX 5100

Hello, all,

I have a new monitor plugged into a fairly new WX 5100 that won't show anything on the screen, not even during the computer's POST, and I have a new WX 5100 because I've already had this problem.

Rewinding a bit, I bought a new graphics card not long ago because my old monitor would no longer wake up. It would work and then not work and was going back and forth for some time until it stopped for a few days. I dusted off an old video card, plugged it in, and everything worked, which is when I threw in the towel for the [not really that] old WX 5100.  I bought a new one and hooked everything up.

Did it work? No, a sure sign I just wasted money on a graphics-card replacement. For giggles, I swapped the DP-HDMI adapter for an unused one that was provided by AMD and what do you know -- a picture emerged from the new WX 5100. So it seemed like the adapter was the problem.

I reckon that's my real question. I've never used a DP-HDMI adapter except those supplied in the boxes of the WX 5100. Are these faulty? Is there another solution?

Thanks in advance.


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