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Journeyman III

New Graphics Card VERY LOW FPS RX 580 8gb

I just bought a new RX 580 8gb and after installing it, downloading the driver and restarting my pc, I tried to see the frames that I would get. I logged into minecraft and I only got around 30-40 fps. This is fairly high end computer. 
My Specs:

24 gb ram

RX 580 8gb

Motherboard: ASUS Prime B360M-A

Processor: Intel Core i5 9400 Processor Six Core 4.10 GHz 

Western Digital Blue 1TB -7200 RPM HDD

CPU Cooling- be quiet! PURE ROCK SLIM


Anyone know the problem or any solutions?


3 Replies

Minecraft is far more CPU intensive than GPU. What does a standardized benchmark, such as 3DMark, say your performance is compared to systems of your spec?

And no, that's a fairly mid range system, maybe lower-mid-range.

Looking at this data and I don't know what in game settings they used but at 1080p with a 580 and your processor they got 80 FPS average.

So depending on your in game settings and resolution for instance if you are playing on highest settings at 1440p or higher your numbers may be correct.


Minecraft runs almost everything on a single thread.  You are going to be bottlenecked by your processor in that game.

You can increase performance by reducing the view distance.  You can also try the Optifine mod, which can increase performance in some situations.