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Journeyman III

New GPU (6600 xt) not working properly

Hi, I just upgraded my gpu from a GTX 1650 Super to a AMD 6600 xt, before installing the new gpu I uninstalled the NVIDIA drivers as I saw online, and installed AMD Adrenalin with the new drivers for my gpu, after that I started to gaming but immediately I saw that my FPS were almost the same as the old gpu, the game frame lag so often and sometimes my screen goes black for a couple of seconds, I tried to solve it by searching online some good setting for AMD Adrenalin but nothing changed. Can you tell me what can cause these problems and how to solve them? ty

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Try updating your bios  to the latest version and changing FPS frame cap to unlimited in whatever games you are playing. These two changes fixed the stuttering in Fortnite for me.

I hope this helps.

Journeyman III

Tuve esos problemas cuando los drivers de nvidia no estaban del todo desinstalados, también por tener una integrada en mi Intel. Formatee los drivers de todas las cosas que tenía con DDU (incluyendo Intel, nvidia y AMD) y volví a instalar los drivers. Nunca un pantallazo más negro ni tampoco cuelgues, un poco de sttutering en algunos juegos con directX viejos, pero en general muy contento con le resultado. 


Journeyman III

When switching from Nvidia to AMD or vice versa, you need to use a utility called "DDU" Display Driver Uninstaller. It will completely remove all display drivers. Trying to have both companies drivers on the same system is just not going to happen. It's pretty easy to use if you know how to reboot in Safe Mode. Just type "msconfig" into the Windows search bar, open it, and click the boot tab. Obviously, backup any data on your system before downloading DDU and attempting this. I have never personally had a problem, worked a treat every time. I also STRONGLY advise disabling Windows Update while doing this. 

Your other option is going with a fresh install of Windows. Honestly, I do that about every six months anyways. 

Hope this helps. 

Adept II

If DDU and updating your bios/firmware doesn't work, what clock speeds is Adrenalin reporting?

A screenshot of the Performance Metrics can show if they are where they should be.