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Journeyman III

New AMD GPU not detected

Good morning to all,

I recently made a build that the specs are especified below:

Motherboard : MSI H110M Pro-VH PLUS

CPU : Intel i3-6100 3mb/3.7GHz

RAM : Corsair 8Gb / 2133MHz DDR4

HDD : 1 128Gb SSD (Windows) and 1 1Tb HDD 7200Rpm 2.5'

PSU : NOX Urano VX650 80 plus Bronze 

GPU : Asrock Phantom Radeon Rx570 OC 8Gb GDDR5

PCI : Wifi module

And for some reason the GPU isn't detected by amd installation, device manager or the bios itself and i can't figure out why. The steps i took were the following:

1 - Make sure the gpu was well seated into pci-e slow

2 - Make a clean installation of windows

3 - Bios reset followed by the latest board update

4 - Use DDU (In safe mode) to remove any amd drivers left from the last GPU (AMD radeon rx540) using the option to "Clean and Turn Off(To install a new gpu)", removed the gpu before turning it on to make sure that the gpu was well seated into the pci-e slot.

As none of the steps made the recognition of the ggpu sucessfull i then took the motherboard and the gpu to the store so that both could be tested and came home with brand new parts. However the same problem persists and i re-did all of the steps but for some reason i can't get the gpu recognised and/or installed in the pc.

If someone as some kind of ideia that could solve this or why is this happening i would be very gratefull to them.

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