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Journeyman III

Need help, taktrate drops

Hey i just bought a rx 6950xt and im having frame rate drops in VR games
tryn for a week to fix this Problem, the internet could not provide me with a solution for now.

in this "Population one" VR video
you can see the taktrate goes up and down like crazy, when i go up the stairs you can see the lag on screen.
this small lagspikes are almost not visible on the video but you can feel it in VR when you play the game and your motion kind of stuck.
sometime the takt frequens stays very low for quite some time, thats when it lags extrem in the headset.

in this "Pavlov" VR video
the taktrate is realy stable, just sometimes the takt drops out of nowhere and I have a lag.
at 2:20 im picking up a green card, on the left side you can see the frames drop, same time the taktrate on the right side drops down to 29.

droping down to 29 like desktop idle mid game is crazy.
sometimes it drops 5 times a minute, sometimes once in like 5 minutes.

noneVR games like Dayz, Rust, GTA5... run without any taktdrops on max settings.

I set asynchronous space warp off, in the oculus debug tool and msi afterburner.
Fresh and clean driver install 3 times already.
i tried different connections, wireless via air link, virtual desktop, and with cable.
Dont even think its the connection cause i can play with my old pc 1660 ti without stottring lags in vr.
tried so much i cant even remeber all the things i have done so far
new bios, bios checked for right setting as far as i know.

its strange in one game the drops are almost in 5 seconds delay, in the other game it takes some minutes, (still anoying after playn an hour with like 40 lags or so)
usualy i have framedrops when a game ends, new level loads, or stuff like this.

i noticed in the first game goes from 2500mhz down to 300

the second vid with the more stable rate just tiks at 1700mhz just like the nonVR games is played

Limiting the Mhz via overcloacking / underclocking does not work, the settings dont change pc behavier


Rog strixx b550-f gaming
ryzen 7 5800x
rx 6950 xt tuf gaming
16 gig ddr4 3200
Chieftronic GPU-1050FC, PC-powersuply
Microsoft Windows 11

im thankfull for help.
sorry for my bad english

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