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Journeyman III

Need Help on RX 6650XT setting

Hello everyone, good day!

I want to ask regarding the GPU RX 6650XT setting (especially the UV/OC Profile and Fan Curve)..


Currently, I'm using B450 Tomahawk Max with Ryzen 5 5600 and just bought Powercolor Hellhound RX 6650XT. I noticed the default setting from AMD Adrenalin Software (22.11.2) isn't too great causing GPU Temp and Hot Spot Temp to be high (Hot Spot can reach 90-93C) when full load. I heard that Undervolting the GPU is beneficial for AMD Cards. But when I tried setting the profile manually, it usually restarts the setting when I turn off and turn on back the PC. I also tried adjusting Fan Curve but since I'm a beginner, I can't get the best performance (sometimes the fan is too loud and still high temperature). Are there any RX 6650XT users here that have a stable setting for Undervolt / Overclock and Fan Curve? Or are there any tips for the beginner to set up the GPU itself on AMD software?

The last setting that I tried:

GPU Tuning : Max freq 2689 Mhz (Default boost from Powercolor)

Voltage : 1130 mV

VRAM Tuning : Max Freq 2222 MHz

Power Limit : 10%

Fan Tuning : Only disable zero RPM and max fan speed 75% (not touching the advanced control)


Thank you very much in advance!

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