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Need a 6900xt but they are always sold out

Is there way AMD can give an update before the 6900's go out of stock ?  as I cant afford sclaper prices, 2500 Canadain wich is twice what these cards go for on AMD's site , 1200 Canadian is all I am budgeted for . The version I want as it goes with my theme is the Red Devil RX6900xt, but they are aways sold out and the retailers are sclaping for upto $7000 Canadian. Please AMD can you allow  us to pre-order before sclapers buy them all up ?  , I have been loyal to AMD for 20 years , and I am a gamer/streamer and need the latest editon of GPU . I am sure other gamers are in the same boat when it comes to the unfairness of what shady retailers charge and the dirty dealings of sclapers/resellers. Thank you /93

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AMD doesn't sell the Red Devil Cards,You have to go to Powercolor for them.



Many Retailers allows you to Pre-order merchandise. The problem with that is what happens if it takes several months or over a year to get the merchandise in stock or you are able to find the GPU somewhere else?

You can't blame AMD or Nvidia   for the shortages completely. Due to Chip shortages and the Cryptocurrency phenomenon (miners) there is a huge shortage of all GPU cards, both AMD and Nvidia which makes Demand outstrip Supply thus the high costs of all GPU cards.

Once Intel GPU cards  come to market it should alleviate some of the Demand and prices will start to go down again. Unless miners or Bots or Scalpers gobble up all the Intel GPUs like what happened to AMD and Nvidia.