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Journeyman III

Native resolution not recognized

I have a Lenovo 15AMN7 with Ryzen 3 7320U CPU and a RadeonT 610M graphics.

The laptop is on a fresh Windows 11 installation with all latest OS updates and Lenovo-distributed drivers applied.

When I try to apply the external monitor's (LG 32QP880-B) native resolution of 2560x1440, it doesn't appear in the resolution dropdown in Display Settings.

On top of that in the resolution dropdown above 1920x1080 many weird resolutions like 2048x1536 and several others up to 4k appear, but the 2560x1440 resolution is missing.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


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Journeyman III


So through Ubuntu 22.04 I was able to set the resolution to the proper one 2560x1440, but the only option for refresh rate was 40.71Hz?

Then on Windows 11 through the AMD Adrenalin software, i was able to set the exact same settings with the custom resolution options.

Why is the only available refresh rate 40.71Hz?